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Political conundrum: If a speech is removed from a website does it really exist?

In March 2008 Alex Salmond addressed an audience at Harvard University.  Some of you may remember it. In the speech the First Minister referred to the “arc of prosperity” or Ireland, Iceland, and Norway; he referred to ” the remarkable success of … Continue reading

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Something must be done

A government spokesman today confirmed plans to press ahead with the Something Must be Done Bill. She said, “During the year we saw things happen which were very serious – and while each of these serious things was dealt with by … Continue reading

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“Apologies that obviously wasn’t who we thought it was”

Via Scott Matthewman.

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Apology to readers

To be honest I never expected this level of attention. While my scone-obessed narrative voıce may have been genuine, the facts on thıs blog relating to scones are occasionally fictitious and mısleading as to the issues on the ground, although they tend to be fairly … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: Blair and Brown split stems from dispute about pronouncing “scone”

I first heard the rumours when I was politically active nearly two decades ago. There had been a meal at Granita. In attendance two prominent Labour politicians determining the future of the Labour party. All was well until the final … Continue reading

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