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New improved Masterchef – DADS DON’T GET DEADER THAN THIS

TELEVISION REVIEW: Masterchef (BBC1) TV show Masterchef – you know the one? with the bald grocer and the chef? the whole HYPERBOLE DOESN’T GET MORE HYPERBOLIC THAN THIS? – has been turned into X Factorchef in a post watershed slot – with only the odd … Continue reading

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Observer and Operation Motorman again – more questions

An interesting post today on the blog gives an update on The Observer position referred to in the readers’ editor’s correspondence with me. publishes the original statement from editor of The Observer at the time, Roger Alton, on the … Continue reading

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Observer update – Motorman again

My regular reader will recall that I have been worrying away at the Observer involvement in acquiring illegally obtained material and wrote to the readers editor of the paper with a series of questions. I yesterday received a reply indicating … Continue reading

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Prisoner votes again – a tale of two justice spokesmen

And so, the prisoner votes saga carries on with increasing coverage in the media and blogosphere today. There is the expected knee jerk reaction – the example being from a propsective candidate seeking to be elected as a legislator, apparently oblivious … Continue reading

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Prisoner votes in Scottish elections again – Are BBC journalists and government ministers bloody stupid?

Okay – the story so far. Earlier today James Landale, top BBC political news bod, reported sensational news (my earlier post is here) Some human rights lawyers had given evidence to a parliamentary committee and – to the general astonishment of … Continue reading

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Prisoner votes – shock news that Scottish elections also affected

I read with some astonishment the “Breaking” news on the BBC website that presents – in shocked terms – the notion that the elections in Scotland and Wales in May are covered by the ECHR jurisprudence on prisoner votes. This … Continue reading

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