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Is there a reply from The Observer to my correspondence regarding Operation Motorman? LIVEBLOG

Yesterday I wrote to the Readers’ Editor of the Observer asking about the practice of some Observer journalists in acquiring illegally obtained material – as revealed by Operation Motorman. This blog will be regularly updated and let you know if … Continue reading

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Correspondence to Readers’ Editor of The Observer regarding Operation Motorman

Dear Sir [snipped personal information] I have been an Observer reader for 25 years and wished to raise with you an issue of some concern as to the operation of The Observer newspaper in recent years, on which I would be … Continue reading

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Operation Motorman again – more questions for the Observer

Last week I wrote a couple of blog posts (here and here) about Operation Motorman – an investigation into the systemic use by the UK newspaper industry of illegally acquired personal information – and the questions that this raised for … Continue reading

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Incisive analysis of the Tommy Sheridan sentence

I was not in it for financial gain but I am pleased to note that I won the sweep.

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Some questions for The Observer on acquiring illegally obtained confidential personal information

I should begin with a confession. I am a typical woolly liberal. A Guardian reader, socially liberal; centre of slightly left of centre politically, and no fan of the Murdoch media. I don’t have Sky. I don’t read the Murdoch … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Coulson: Which newspaper groups can you trust?

So Andy Coulson has resigned. And as he goes scrutiny will once again focus on the Murdoch newspaper group, the various civil cases in the English courts, and whether Andy Coulson said something he shouldn’t have during his evidence in … Continue reading

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Desert Island Discs – the angst ridden mawkish collection

After hearing any politician on Desert Island Discs I often reflect that my own choices would be unlikely to pass the focus group ensuring that I was appealing to whatever demographic I (or my advisers) had determined I should appeal … Continue reading

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Scottish Parliament committee on the Scotland Bill – grandstanding not doing its job.

I am conscious that commenting in any way on the Scottish Parliament’s consideration of the Scotland Bill (and the Calman project) in a critical way is likely to lead to various allegations about my political position. So, before commenting on it my … Continue reading

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