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New witness sought in Sheridan case

A police spokesman said, “If you know Mr Poster or where we may find him please contact your nearest police station. His evidence may be crucial.” Picture used with permission.

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Some carefully considered and erudite thoughts on the performance of the Leader of the Labour Party in the Scottish Parliament during Questions to the First Minister

He’s no Cicero.

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If it’s October it must be time for my annual illness…

Just a note to my regular reader that blogging/tweeting is light due to illness exacerbating numerous work commitments. It is very annoying.

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Very busy at the minute with a variety of commitments – blogging and tweeting will be very light (indeed virtually non-existent) for the next few weeks.

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The stupidity of the posturing of David Cameron and the independence referendum

I have argued previously that legislation providing for a referendum on independence falls outwith the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament (see here, here, and here). This view is shared by former Tony Blair aide John McTernan (that link is behind the Scotsman … Continue reading

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HMA v Sheridan and Sheridan – day 1 overview and links

Just a quick post on day 1 of the HMA v Sheridan and Sheridan trial linking to some of the material out there. The jury was sworn in and the trial began. The indictment is available in a few places. … Continue reading

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PRESS RELEASE ABOUT MIGRAINEWATCH Migrainewatch is an independent think tank. Since being created in early October 2010 its thinking has been carried out in an old fish tank in Mr Jones from number 58’s garage, at least until he gets the … Continue reading

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