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Watch the plinth ma’am

I am conscious that my regular reader will be disappointed by the appearance of proper blog posts on proper topics in recent days. To redress the balance here is the show that influenced James Cameron to make Avatar, Captain Zep … Continue reading

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Why the referendum bill falls outwith the legislative competence of Holyrood

The other day I posted about the referendum bill and suggested that one of the reasons the bill was likely to be dropped by the Scottish government was that the bill fell outwith the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament. … Continue reading

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Shamed pop artist “must go” after Scotland result

Supporters of pop artist the late Roy Lichtenstein this evening called for him to be dropped from his team as he failed to beat lowly Scotland this evening in a tight game at Hampden Park. Scotland decided to play a … Continue reading

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Short cut

The world has a new record holder. The world’s shortest man  is now Edward Nino Hernandez, a Colombian part time dancer who is 70 centimetres high. Hernandez replaces the previous shortest man, the late He Pingping of China, who died in … Continue reading

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Conjuring tricks, legislative competence, and referenda

As a child I was taken to a magic show, where the conjurer practised close-up magic. He’d wave the cards in front of you, and wonder of wonders you’d miss the sleight of hand. Until he tried it with a … Continue reading

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What do you get when you cross a socialist firebrand with Andy Coulson? Right good entertainment

My long term reader (you know who you are) will know that a few years ago posts about Tommy Sheridan were all the rage. The defamation case; the resultant disintegration of the Scottish Socialist Party; the police investigation; and the … Continue reading

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I have been reading a translation of the seven voyages of Sinbad the Sailor to my children. They have identified Sinbad’s main skills as being shipwrecked, and condemning all who sail with him to death in a variety of horrible … Continue reading

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God silent on Hawking allegations

Love and Garbage today despatched a team of reporters to find God to obtain a response to Professor Stephen Hawking’s allegations that God had no role in the creation of the universe. God appears to be keeping a  low profile, despite … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: fake Tony Blair interview

Q: Well, Mr Blair is there anything you would like to tell us? A: Buy my book. I think I deal with all relevant matters there, like, y’know. Q: Any thoughts on Bono, Mr Blair? A: He could’ve been a … Continue reading

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Joan Collins revealed as Stig

Actress and former member of the SAS porcelain-complexioned and heavily made-up occasional Spectator diarist Ms Joan Collins yesterday succeeded in her legal action to publish her autobiography and identify herself as Stig of the Dump. Ms Collins played the role … Continue reading

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Goose sauce man objects to gander sauce and stains bloggers with goose and gander sauce

A blogging man who has in the past enjoyed publicising the confected delights of sauce for geese from a scurrilous sauce-monger has today objected to the sauce-monger’s manufacture of sauce for a gander. The gander sauce is so offensive that the man … Continue reading

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Man writes book about self – world goes on.

A man today published a new book about what he did when he was really important. The man revealed that he didn’t like another man, and thought that the other man was rubbish. The man also revealed that he had … Continue reading

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