Shock winner in best pseudonymous blogger named after an Ivan Klima novel universal poll

As my regular reader will be aware I run a completely fictitious blog poll to identify the best blogs in the known Universe and publish the results over a steady 114 day period, released at 1 per day, before reaching the grand final countdown sometime near Martinmas on the gregorian calendar. The purpose of this poll is to pronounce myself (or whoever it is) best blog in the Universe and proudly wear a virtual badge on the bar down the side of the blog.

I am pleased to confirm that following the results from Alpha Centauri; Mutters Spiral; and Kasterborous, I have now reached Earth and modesty forbids in identifying who the best blogger blogging under a pseudonym based on an Ivan Klima novel is – but commiserations to Mygoldentrades; Judgeontrial; and waitingforthedarkwaitingforthelight as there is one incredibly worthy winner. I can’t be bothered to design a “Loveandgarbage has fixed it for me” badge for the winner to proudly display  on my, sorry his or her, website – but frankly if anyone gives a toss about comparing apples and pears and Thals and the horrifying reality of the concept of fear they can make their own.

Personally I would have voted for Frank Chickens if I could have been bothered to vote.

About loveandgarbage

I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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6 Responses to Shock winner in best pseudonymous blogger named after an Ivan Klima novel universal poll

  1. charonqc says:

    I won… I must have done… I was completely orf my farkin head when I came up with the elegant *totallypissed BLOG AWARDS 201O* which, I also won (although pretended to come in Top 2), simply because I am when I write my blog and vcreate these competitions for back scratching polebrities.

    I may not have won your new category… because I am not pseudonymous… I am hieranonymous – as I keep telling people down at the Job Centre… but they said… sorry Charon…. we are cutting your skeptical credibility by 40% and some… but, if you want to move to Kent… we think there might be a vacancy for a random twitterer down there…

  2. charonqc says:

    I’ll be dead next week if I don’t get an award from Iain or anyone soon….. do you want that on your conscience…? I’m off to do some to toast burning and wait for a call from Obama…..

  3. Jim Lawrence says:

    I once met someone who had a pseudonymous blog named after a Milan Kundera essay on Robert Muesil, but he’s in the brain hospital now suffering from Mitteleuropean dread.

  4. charonqc says:

    I regret to tell you that I am now blogging and tweeting from the grave. This will not stop me rising on the third or seventh day and re-eactivating my former glories.

    It is, however, possible that followers of a Kult may start rioting in sundry places… and unfollow me…. all I can say, if they are tempted, is… this: Always look on the bright side of life…. it has stood me in good stead… since time immemorial…

  5. Iain Fale says:

    Perhaps I should set up a pseudonymous blogger named after a book by my favourite author, Norman Faler.

    The Executioner’s Thong?
    Tough Guys Don’t Mince?
    The Knee Jerk?

    I can wait patiently for my award. And my badge.

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