God silent on Hawking allegations

Love and Garbage today despatched a team of reporters to find God to obtain a response to Professor Stephen Hawking’s allegations that God had no role in the creation of the universe. God appears to be keeping a  low profile, despite our looking in all of the usual places (among the meek, behind the fridge, in people doing particularly strange dances (in case God was moving in a mysterious way)).

Not even our editor’s assistance in facilitating the tapping of the usual modes of communication to God (by hanging around outside confessionals among other things) has shown any sign of God and we therefore have no indication that God will comment on the allegations to our crack team of reporters.

About loveandgarbage

I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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4 Responses to God silent on Hawking allegations

  1. Cujo says:

    Someone knocked at my door lastnight. I thought it was God. I answered that door. It wasn’t Him ={

  2. Rob says:

    As a software developer of advancing years, I’ve long since come to believe that the devil is very much in the detail. With this in mind, and on the understanding that the devil is considered to be the antithesis of God and all he stands for, might I suggest you go looking for God in big, handwavey, nebulous and rather vague concepts instead…?

    The ‘Big Society’ springs to mind – perhaps God is in there, somewhere?

  3. lartonmedia says:

    I had a quick look in Canterbury Cathedral a while back, but didn’t find god. I hear a rumour he’ll be appearing at the Sheridan trial as well . . .

  4. I think when it comes to SH – God’s very much ‘been there, done that.’

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