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Mr Ed speaks: “We’re a young generation and we’ve got something to say”

I heard Mr Ed’s speech today, apart from the parts where I dropped off. Anyhow, his regular reference to his generation and having something to say reminded me of something. So, Hey hey he’s the leader of the opposition

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EXCLUSIVE: The new leader of the Labour party speaks to Oprah Winfrey

I have an exclusive photo of the new Labour leader endorsing celebrity culture with this Oprah Winfrey interview     Meantime plans are afoot for comic Ray Romano to resume his sitcom career.    with thanks to @twrafferty

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Blah blah blah journey blah blah talent show blah blah

It’s Saturday night which means that the populace is forced into a televised choice between the jazzed up snooker (in its short form basically a glorified version of Pot Black with added theme tunes, flashing lights, an annoying announcer (“let’s … Continue reading

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Congratulations to the new Labour party leader

Congratulations to the new leader of the Labour party.

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Does Magna Carta mean nothing to you?

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John Wark through popular culture: a brief study

This was the first record I bought. I still know all the words – unlike John Wark who sways in time rather than pretending to mime. It was of course not John Wark’s greatest performance. That was this (33 seconds … Continue reading

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Pullman’s tense

There’s an odd piece in the Guardian today by Philip Pullman – following on a piece by Philip Hensher in the Telegraph last week – bemoaning the use of present tense in contemporary fiction. Pullman writes, “What I dislike about the present-tense … Continue reading

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ABN: Good win for Goodwin? I know a man that thought so

The RSS feed for the Scottish government Freedom of Information releases indicated the publication of material in response to freedom of information requests. Most interesting of the correspondence released is this. The letter of May 2007 reads: “Dear Fred I … Continue reading

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Les amants de pontiff

Tomorrow I am going to work. My role model for the venture though risks being Titus Oates as I may be some time. My journey to work will be disrupted by gawpers, protestors, and pilgrims going to see a man … Continue reading

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This week’s television – it’s Pope night on ITV2

Coming on Thursday on ITV2 it’s Pope night as ITV2 devotes an evening of programmes to the papal visit. 7 pm – An Audience with the Pope – the traditional ITV “audience with…” format is brought to Bellahouston Park as Pope Benedict XVI takes … Continue reading

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How twitter works – part 95

Post a link to clips of a bad television programme with a chimp, an orangutan, a giraffe, a zebra, an elephant, and a collection of little people – get multiple hits within seconds. Post a link to a post about domestic … Continue reading

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Law and the mainstream media – domestic violence

I know that lawyers are sometimes guilty of focusing primarily on legal aspects at the expense of other parts of a story. It’s partly the way we’re brought up. The isolation of the lawyer begins at University with an encouragement at … Continue reading

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Man v Beast – the nadir of television

Four years ago I blogged about Man v Beast, the nadir of television (at that time). For enthusiasts bits of it are on youtube The Sumo wrestler v Orangutan – tug of war The chimp v the Navy Seal Olympic … Continue reading

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If you watch only one video of a cat organ in a radio studio this week make it this one

I think the title says it all (radio coverage is here)

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Over the years I have seen a number of stand up comics – from the sublime (such as Stewart Lee, Eddie Izzard, Les Dawson, Bruce Morton) to the not so sublime (an Australian woman in 1997 whose routine was based on … Continue reading

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It’s Saturday night – this is what should be on the telly: number 1 Hans Moretti

This is what Saturday evenings on the telly should involve. A mad man with a big moustache being shot at for our entertainment. Before he fires a crossbow at his wife

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Shock winner in best pseudonymous blogger named after an Ivan Klima novel universal poll

As my regular reader will be aware I run a completely fictitious blog poll to identify the best blogs in the known Universe and publish the results over a steady 114 day period, released at 1 per day, before reaching … Continue reading

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It’s in Chicago

Surprisingly omitted by the BBC in their news report which felt it appropriate to list the best of Morecambe and Wise, here is – for me – the best of Morecambe and Wise.

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I used to have a pet wa-a-asp

Enough of the serious stuff. Let me resume my usual diet of youtube clips, erudite cultural references, bad puns, failed TV pitches, and heavily laboured satire. So, after Captain Zep yesterday, here’s Siadwell

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The referendum and legality: the parliamentary debates

Over at the blog post on Lallands Peat Worrier commenter, Indy, has argued persistently that Hansard offers the legal justification to the SNP in supporting the holding of the referendum.  Indy’s argument is, “Regarding the passage of the Scotland Bill, my … Continue reading

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