If there is only one youtube laden blog post you watch the videos on this week make it this.

When the quality of elected US representatives is under question in Scotland – following the increasingly ridiculous extra-curricular demands of US Senators – whose callous disregard for fact, and the sovereignty of other nations is exceeded only by their shameless manipulation of the bereaved for cynical electoral purposes – it takes one man to step up and restore our faith in American democracy. I am grateful that Almax found that one man. That one man that is prepared to say it like it is. That one man that is prepared to pledge"VOTE FOR ME AND IF I WIN I WILL IMMUNE YOU FROM ALL STATE CRIMES FOR THE REST OF YOU LIFE!" . That one man who is committed to find out "why Democracy invaded the U.S. State on July 16 1866". And that one man that has a campaign to make sure the flag is flied right (sic).

That one man is Basil (pronounced Bay-sill – as in some accoutrement for a bay window) Marceaux.com, who has his own website and his own campaign videos.

He launched himself into the American consciousness with this stunning appearance on a local television programme.


This performance launched an international phenomenon – bolstered by his official campain (sic) video



Now Basil’s pronouncements on gun control proved controversial. You can see why here:

Basil appears to suggest that every person in his state should be armed against the government and be fined for not having guns. This prompted the interest of the national US media and basil appeared on the late night Jimmy Kimmel show in an unforgettable performance revealing his cheap sausage making related injury.

Marceaux is truly an internetional (yes, that’s deliberate) phenomenon and this has meant that the backlash has started. Some have suggested that Basil is a regular in the American justice system, a man who relies on insanity as a defence.
His state goes to the polls tomorrow to select therespective party candidates. I trust the voters of Tennessee bear in mind Marceaux’s latest interview. This is a man that likes Matlock and wrestling, a man thrilled to see Spiderman, a man that has been "tased" (Sic) who will be "more constitutioner" than his opponents.

And while you are waiting for the results of the primary – make sure you stock up on your Marceaux merchandise because when he wins the republican presidential nomination in 2012 you’ll be wanting to make sure Basil is on your side.

[post inspired, with very many thanks, by the sadly locked post of Almax]

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4 Responses to If there is only one youtube laden blog post you watch the videos on this week make it this.

  1. burkesworks says:

    Marceaux? Sounds like one of those goddamn cheese-eating surrender-monkeys to me…

  2. I don’t know, I just can’t believe this guy is real. His style is very much a sort of hyper-awkward improv comedy which blurs the line between the strange and the funny and fiction and reality. The sort of comedy content in the age of the internet that would only be forwarded onwards if there is the possibility that he’s real. He may be running for governor, but I don’t think he’s really real, I think he’s a comedian playing a character deliberately playing up to stereotypes of Tennessee and giving an almost perfect example of How Not To Get Elected. Take Sarah Palin and turn it up to eleven.
    It HAS to be a parody, in the style of comedians like Tim & Eric, Neil Hamburger, John C. Reilly (and to a certain extent Angelos Epithemiou on Shooting Stars is a UK version of this style). Certainly if he’s putting on an act he’s funnier than the guy interviewing him in the last video, but if he’s not then humanity is in a terrible place. A terrible terrible place.

    • He is described on some sites as a perennial candidate. I fear he’s genuine. Although Colbert has endorsed him and his official twitter feed has used that endorsement to urge people to “vote subversively”

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