Digital Economy BIll – they don’t get it to do they

Well, my MP Michael Connarty after explaining that he was concerned about the amount of time being given to the Digital Economy BIll, and concerned about deficiencies in the drafting (pointed out to him) and the implications for various individuals (but declined to comment on the e-mail I sent to him forwarding a press release from the Law Society of Scotland suggesting that the disconnection provisions of the bill were contrary to the European Convention on Human RIghts, and didn’t respond to a point indicating that the new web blocking clause might be too widely framed given that it potentially would allow the blocking of google) decided to vote in favour of the Digital Economy Act (as it now is).

I understand that he is a dab hand with the old technological stuff though as can be evidenced from the election newssheet sent to me today.

Here’s how you contact him:

So folks, remember.

Vote "yourname" to support technically deficient law reform that potentially infringes the European Convention of Human Rights.

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2 Responses to Digital Economy BIll – they don’t get it to do they

  1. Anonymous says:

    Invalidating the Commons
    He voted for it on a “something must be done” basis – next door neighbour to the “Sending a message” argument. See his exchange with me.
    But hey, at least he turned up to the debate.
    Even if he did entirely invalidate the Commons along the way.

  2. hoiho says:

    I received one, brief, reply from Mr Connarty, to my four emails & letters regarding the contents and progress of the Digital Economy Bill.
    I was not impressed by the content of that one letter.

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