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A question for the Conservatives

This is a quickly written squib so forgive me for the lack of full consideration in what follows. The election is close. And in a close election the figures as they stand in the polls suggest that the best the … Continue reading

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I am not a fan of Newsnight Scotland. It means – most nights – that Scottish viewers miss the best bits of Newsnight.  And it is hosted some nights by Rhinestone political correspondent Glen Campbell – a man I like to … Continue reading

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Leadership debate – pie in the Sky

Like many people I sat down to watch the leadership debate on Thursday with low expectations. From the studio that housed Stars in Their Eyes I feared that the ITV gameshow unit would lock each contender in a box filled with … Continue reading

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Digital Economy BIll – they don’t get it to do they

Well, my MP Michael Connarty after explaining that he was concerned about the amount of time being given to the Digital Economy BIll, and concerned about deficiencies in the drafting (pointed out to him) and the implications for various individuals (but declined to … Continue reading

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Digital Economy Bill again

Having received no substantive reply to the second e-mail I sent to my local MP, Michael Connarty, I contacted him again last week. I wrote,   "Very many thanks for your letter copying the correspondence you forwarded to Lord Mandelson … Continue reading

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