Man to leave job

Following news yesterday that a man has been offered an extended contract to do his media job it was today announced that another man has decided not to renew his contract and would be leaving his media job in a few months. He indicated that he was intending to do new things in future.

As the news broke Charles Clarke announced, "The news that a man has resigned once again calls into question the leadership of Gordon Brown. If people are resigning their jobs in the media it suggests that Brown is not up to the job of leading the country and a leadership election to clear the air should be held as soon as possible."

Fiona Mactaggart said, "Although you have never heard of me outwith the context of calling for resignation of Gordon Brown I am a loyal Labour party supporter whose name was leaked to the media by Gordon Brown’s henchmen some time ago when I suggested privately that I thought he was rubbish. This news that a man in that self same media has left his job must seriously call into question the judgment of Gordon Brown in backing people that leaked my name to the media. Brown should go now."

Barry Sheerman said, "As other people are calling for the resignation of Gordon Brown due to something or other I feel it is my duty to tour media outlets calling for Gordon Brown to go. What’s the reason this time?"

Calls for a leadership challenge were quashed by Tony Lloyd. "There is no connection between the announcement of a man resigning and the letter from Geoff Hoon yesterday. Under the constitution of the Labour party there is no rule governing the holding of a leadership election because a man has resigned – whether or not that man is the leader of the party, which he isn’t. Is he? Who’s resigned?"

Speculation mounted that David Miliband was offering tacit support to the rebels: "I have been working on issues of government and continue to do so whether or not a man leaves his job to do something else"

Eric Pickles said, "A man quitting his job to do something else exposes the lack of leadership in Britain. We need a general election at once."

A nation yawns.


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5 Responses to Man to leave job

  1. surliminal says:

    I like this one MORE than the last one but still less than the Dr Who One 🙂
    Next: The Gruffalo meets Tommy Sheridan?

    • They’ve been thrown together very quickly while I’ve been writing a talk. You can tell where my real interest lies 😉
      All well with you?

      • surliminal says:

        Tentatively,yes. Back here, just been given clean bill of health by physio, resting, bored. FAncy lunch next week? Warning: much danger of squee. ps I *really* liked the Ricky Gervais line! (pps are you ok too? I recall you weren’t well before Xmas either.)

        • Good news re: health. I’m still tired but much much better. Have had this before & really suffered – this time floored for 6 weeks but phased comeback meant I could have some productivity for a while.
          Will be freer later in week – spouse has had some good news requiring courses at start of week increasing child care commitments. E-mail me if you’d be free Thursday?

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