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Recession? What recession?

Good to see the Scottish government has its priorities right – and remains beyond parody. What was the lead press release on the website today? This one.

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Business news

  I, for one, am not looking forward to Cadbury’s Dairylea.

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Friday night with loveandgarbage

While auditioning to replace Jonathan Ross I have been advised by the BBC to practise the carrying out of regular Friday interviews with top celebrities. Today – in keeping with most episodes of Tonight with Jonathan Ross – I’m delighted … Continue reading

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Man to leave job

Following news yesterday that a man has been offered an extended contract to do his media job it was today announced that another man has decided not to renew his contract and would be leaving his media job in a few months. … Continue reading

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Who knew it would end like this? (see what I’ve done there – phonetically speaking)

I can confirm that following the assertion of Polly Toynbee that anyone is better than Prudence the Presbyterian I – someone – together with my colleagues Mr Whohe and Ms Whoshe (no-ones) have today sent this letter to my comrades … Continue reading

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The gropes of Roth

It appears that the broad fan consensus is that Claire Bloom was the Doctor’s mother in Doctor Who the End of Time. As the Doctor is half human (according to the TV movie), this suggests that given that she is a Time Lord … Continue reading

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The weather – send us your pictures. Go on. Send us them. Send us them now. We want pictures of snow

It has come to my attention that much to the surprise of news teams across the country this winter has turned out to have – what some weather forecasters term – wintry weather. Who’d have thought that in winter there … Continue reading

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The hedge incident: an update

My regular reader will be aware that over recent weeks I have been attempting to protect my privet life following a close encounter with a hedge, or some 15 hedges to be precise (some of which it is alleged I … Continue reading

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The general election

The story so far… Here in New Iceland things are set fair for a general election in the coming months. The great leader, Prudence the Presbyterian, having abolished boom and bust decided to reintroduce bust in order to make the … Continue reading

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The Doctor Who finale summarised for beginners

After dealing with Sam Tyler – who had had an evil heartbeat (as orchestrated by Murray Gold) put into his head by James Bond, sometime after his earlier Sydney Newman and Philip from Rising Damp incarnations – young Casanova heard Great Uncle Bulgaria knocking at the magic … Continue reading

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