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Apparently new examples of this might breach an injunction in my neighbouring jurisdiction

Apparently an English judge has granted an injunction. This applies in England. But the wording would appear to prohibit new images like this: So Gillette, take note. Of course you can still publish in Scottish newspapers.

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Bumping into hedges doesn’t make you poplar

Regular readers may recall my recent experiences bumping into hedges. As the past week and a half has progressed I have noted with some disappointment the litany of allegations from various hedge owners around the world claiming that at one … Continue reading

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Bank bonuses – the rational behaviour of the RBS directors

Robert Peston reported last night that the directors of the Royal Bank of Scotland are threatening to resign en masse if they are not permitted to pay bonuses to the investment banking arm of RBS, as has been threatened by … Continue reading

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My statements on that hedge incident – a privet matter

The following statements have been issued via my website in response to the hedge related collision story I have been involved in in recent days. Friday "Having walked into a hedge on leaving for the bus this morning I have … Continue reading

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