Tim Ireland and Bloggerheads – and the mysterious case of Glen Jenvey

On my blog I generally allow anonymous comments – although I have a comment moderation system in place. Most of the comments I let through, unless they are defamatory.  A few months ago I received a series of anonymous comments smearing someone mentioned in the posts commented on. The material was very offensive and clearly defamatory and I contacted the person smeared to let him know what I was receiving. As this is a minor outpost in the blogosphere I assumed that others would be receiving these comments, and where no comment moderation was in place was concerned that the material would be published. In order to assist with dealing with this sustained hate campaign I provided IP addresses and indicated that I was happy to speak to the authorities regarding this.

Those who read Tim ireland’s blog will be aware that in a forensic series of posts relating to a website Ummah.com, that had been alleged to harbour various islamic extremists, Tim demonstrated that the offensive material on the site was hoax material from a fantasist Glen Jenvey. It also transpired that Mr Jenvey had carried out work with Patrick Mercer MP. The comments I received were around the time that Tim was exposing Mr Jenvey, and each of the defamatory comments related to Tim Ireland. I have never met him, but generally enjoy reading his blog, and admire the tenacity with which he forensically deals with a number of cases.

Well, as recent weeks have indicated Tim was right. Jenvey was responsible. He has admitted the hoax. The Sun newspaper has apologised (at least twice, if I’m counting correctly, but they’ve not apologised to Tim ireland of course) – yet, still the smearing of Tim Ireland continues. There were twitters smears against him earlier in the week with a tweet which appeared to be questioning his mental health from Nadine Dorries, a Conservative MP; and ongoing smears (detailed in Tim’s post today) in response to his questions as to the extent to which Jenvey worked with Patrick Mercer (picked up by Hugh Muir in the Guardian today, Muir being one of the few in the MSM that has acknowledge the role Ireland played in exposing Jenvey’s fabrications).

This post is simply to offer some support for Tim Ireland and to publicise this case to another part of the blogosphere. Tim has a series of questions in relation to the conduct of Patrick Mercer in this matter and in his post today has suggested that if you’re concerned about aspects of this case and Jenvey’s involvement with Mercer you might want to contact your MP. Given the nasty nature of the anonymous comments I received I unhesitatingly offer Tim my support. I hope others who read the material he’s gathered share the concerns.

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