Michael Jackson – his google tribute

Every now and then google changes its picture to something vaguely topical. It may be a tribute to a passing comet, or the like. This quirky element clearly has lots of fans otherwise they wouldn’t do it. That, or the people who work at google get bored and this change is the highlight of their week..

Anyway today google decided to show two black shoes on tiptoes, white socks (I mean, white socks?) raising from the shoes. Hovering the mouse over this reveals that apparently it’s Michael Jackson’s birthday (or at least it would be if he wasn’t dead). Now, admittedly this tribute is not as special as the one-gloved tribute exhibited by the world of golf during the Open chamionship but it’s a gesture.

So, what exactly dos this image represent?

Is this the ascension of the Jackson as he rises skywards to join the choir invisibule?

Or perhaps Jacko’s neighbours had leylandi and in order to peer into their garden he had to stand on tiptoes?

Or did he have trouble reaching high shelves when looking for his prescription medicine thereby forcing him to stand on tiptoe?

The image is to me inexplicable but if Google are going to randomly celebrate the recent deaths of celebrities on the anniversaries of their birth can i put a word in for Mollie Sugden. The thought of our favourite google logo accompanied by a giant purple wig; or an unseen cat with a link through to some witty stuff about Mrs Slocombe’s Pussy, oh, that would be great. I would laugh and laugh – like I was watching an episode of Total Wipeout.

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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2 Responses to Michael Jackson – his google tribute

  1. gominokouhai says:

    He’s dancing, you twit. He was quite well-known for it.
    If they’re going to pick anything important about August 29th, you’d think it would have been Judgement Day.

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