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Michael Jackson – his google tribute

Every now and then google changes its picture to something vaguely topical. It may be a tribute to a passing comet, or the like. This quirky element clearly has lots of fans otherwise they wouldn’t do it. That, or the … Continue reading

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Of The Guardian, corrections and clarifications, and Geoffrey Robertson Qc – Lockerbie expert

Earlier in the week I ploughed through the Guardian website reading articles on Lockerbie. As well as reporting various comments for contempt of court related reasons I stumbled across a fascinating piece by a Geoffrey Robertson QC. You might have heard Geoffrey Robertson QC on the … Continue reading

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A big hello to all my readers at Conservative Central Office

So mention Louise Bagshawe in a couple of blog posts and a variety of IP addresses from the Conservative central Office computer system decide to keep an eye on your blog. Well, that’s fine. A big hello to Conservative Central Office. Nice to … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous Lockerbie legal things

Firstly a thank you to those who have commented on my post in relation to my twitter exchange with Louise Bagshawe either at the post or on posts elsewhere (special thanks to  ). The comments are much appreciated. I had feared … Continue reading

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Lockerbie again

I listened to Kenny macAskill’s statement today on the release of Megrahi. I found him more impressive in audio than on video – but was a little dismayed at the repetition of answers (I think I picked up that it was … Continue reading

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MacAskill: still unfit to be Justice Secretary

I am not going to consider the release of Mr Megrahi today. We all knew it was coming, and adding further comment on a speech from Mr MacAskill that felt at times like one of those dull sermons for which prebyterian … Continue reading

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Work pressures have meant that blogging was not feasible to any great extent. Normal service should now apply.

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MacAskill is unfit to be Justice Secretary

Imagine it. Harold Shipman didn’t kill himself in his prison cell. He survived, and years later in 2007 develops cancer. Dying, Shipman applies for compassionate release, and Jack Straw goes to see him prior to taking the decision. How would … Continue reading

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