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When (fantasy) animals attack

With thanks to Alastair for drawing attention to the legal story of the year. My stumbling attempts at teenage relationships were hampered by the lack of an internet. The happenstance of discovering shared interests, mumbled conversations in Italian restaurants, arguing about the … Continue reading

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I wasn’t Monty’s double

One of the more entertaining events of last week’s Open championship was the regular Sandy lyle interview where (a) he suggested chubby funster Colin Montgomerie (a man who swears at young children watching golf with their parents according to one friend who followed … Continue reading

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Government swine flu advice for pregnant women

I have the feeling that the new swine flu advice is from Harry Enfield’s old Women Know your Place characters. The latest leaflet through the door confirms it. "Are you A WOMAN? Have you been IMPREGNATED? Then follow the instructions below. You … Continue reading

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A B C – it’s easy to autopsy

Like me many of you were no doubt shaken to the bone by the death of the much-loved popular music entertainer and former head of the British armed forces Sir Mike Jackson. That Jackson could hold down such a difficult … Continue reading

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