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Are ye dancin’? Tommy Sheridan in the Big Brother house

Faithful reader, I have tried but episodes of Celebrity Big Brother have served as chewing gum for the eyes.  L’horreur.  L’horreur. Nothing has happened.  Well, that’s not strictly true.  There’s been talking, discussion, laughter, politeness, sleeping, banter, attempts to discuss … Continue reading

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New Doctor Who

So that’s why James McAvoy was ruled out…

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Day Woon in the Beeg Bruthar Hows – continued

And lo did the tabloids spend money employing those to scrutinise every minute of broadcast coverage.  And they saw Tommy speaking to the woman who was married to the bloke that was the brother of the girl that was famous … Continue reading

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Spot the [blank or blankety blank]

Using your skill and judgment please mark a cross on the image below the cut  to identify where you think [expression deleted for legal reasons] is. Nae prizes.  

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Obligatory Doctor Who post

I understand the new Doctor has been cast and it’s Matt Smith.  I can see why he’d like to leave ITV SPort.  He has been sidelined a bit recently since the arrival of Steve Rider – although the departure of JIm ROsenthal must … Continue reading

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The Book of Tommy – day woon in the Big Broothur hows

And lo it came to pass that the govan bigfoot rose again, and did stroll with no little trepidation into the Big Brother house.  And Davina looked upon his filmed insert, and saw that it was not good.  For in … Continue reading

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Tommy update

IN preparation for the new Celebrity Big Brother I have decided to change my userpic to one more appropriate. Accordingly, when you see the picture below the cut

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