So that’s what he needed the Big Brother money for…

To the astonishment of literally one member of the general populace television celebrity and law student Tommy Sheridan confirmed via his lawyer Aamer Anwar (carefully speaking on behalf of his client today) that the preliminary diet in the perjury case of the millennium will be held in February.  I hope the Tomster’s not double-booked with representing his client in that employment tribunal about the cannabis and the stag party.

Will the Orange man represent the orange man?
Will we hear exactly how he and Gail explain that torrid night of scrabble?
Will Coolio appear as a character witness?

And will this mean that the Tomster misses his Summer exams too?

Anyhoo – let battle commence.

ETA link corrected with thanks to[info]nmg  .  I’m guessing my regular reader is not a Heartbeat fan…

ETA the person who appears surprised is, lest one be astonished, Jim Monaghan – past star of this LJ

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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6 Responses to So that’s what he needed the Big Brother money for…

  1. Well whatever happens to Tommy S in february (trial, or no trial) he’ll still find himself having a good time; he and Gail have bought two tickets for the strathclyde law ball (held at a moderately-priced glasgow hotel on february 19th).
    No word as yet as to whether he has been given dispensation for his missed january exams, but the word from my “law school office mole” is that he’ll just be taking them as resits, no special circumstances.
    (I feel like a tabloid roving reporter passing information to the editor on a hot story…fun though)

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