Why has Norwich Union changed its name to one of those daft words Vic used to use in the Dove from Above round on Shooting Stars?

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7 Responses to Iranu

  1. Asffm has a nice ring to it
    Might work for a bank, or maybe a political party.

  2. surliminal says:

    I read a whole article about it.\the article spent most of its time pointing out how much money was wasted on inventing Consignia…

  3. Anonymous says:

    That’s the globalized world we live in. I just want to know how they got all those stars (Bruce Willis etc) to appear in an advert about a name change?!
    How much money must these guys command for a tv advert??

  4. pmcray says:

    I had assumed that Aviva was the name of an non-UK parent, which might make sense – transnational branding an d all that, but, no, it seems that this is entirely homegrown cretinicity. I can state, as can , from bitter personal experience that when it comes to the naming of things, senior British management generally displays its usual alacrity and sureness of touch.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I had a friend who drove a Viva. It was a G reg and a very dull green colour. It was the first thing I thought of when I heard of the name.
    The reason for the change though is clear. It is more astute to be associated with a 1960’s rust-prone under achieving production car than it is to be associated with Norwich.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why have NU changed their name to a comedy one? Well, I am convinced it’s Julian and Sandy of Bona Management consultants who must have got the job. I expect they wanted to call it Vada Insurace but their typist is still using a 1953 Olivetti and the correction fluid will have made it difficult to read.
    It is also possible, though, that NU no longer wanted to be associated with Financial Services and thought that if they marketed themselves as something like an unpopular brand of dishcloths or a range of excitiong washing up bowls, they would ‘shake off the past’ and become ‘forward-going’, so they could make it up as they go along from now on, or as we now have to say ‘going forward’ which I expect came from some metaphore or simili about forward gears in multinationodimentional situational profit making units, rather than a Ford Mondeo. Which brings up the other possibility of NU having consulted an ex- Ford marketting director who always wanted to call the Mondeo the Aviva. As that seemed forward going and could captue the metpaphores and similies of motor cars for use in NU’s underwriting department. I think it’s now called ‘Decisioning’ and would be able to describe its operations as ‘in top gear’, ‘moving forward’, at ‘maximum revs.’ and so on. Blah blah blah

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