Sheridan misses exams

Oh, and I believe that Tommy Sheridan has now missed his first batch of exams.  There seems to have been no sign of Tommy being called to do exams in the diary room, or asked questions aloud by Big Brother.  And consequently his putative legal career may consequently be scuppered before it’s began, provided Strathclyde University taking its usual approach to special circumstances justifying non-attendance. 


ETA – He apparently realises he has missed them, according to the Daily record at any rate he exchanged views about it with Terry Christian

"Day fourteen in the Big Brother House.  Tommy and Terry are in the bedroom discussing the Strathclyde University law school examination diet…"


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10 Responses to Sheridan misses exams

  1. hoiho says:

    Ah, trust the ever-accurate and on th ball Dreary Record – they can’t even get the right university!

  2. pickwick says:

    Oh yeah, I saw him talking about that. He’s hoping he can get the “special resits” they let people who have good reason for missing exams do, which don’t restrict you to the 40% pass rate normal resits do. (Apparently, anyway!) He asked before he went in but you can’t arrange them in advance, so as far as I can tell he’s just crossing his fingers they’ll agree BB is a reasonable excuse!

    • Anonymous says:

      There is absolutely no way that this can be justified under a “reasonable excuse”. An analogous situation would be waiting for the exam timetable to come out, knowing you’ve got exams, and then deliberately deciding that you’ll work those days. Mr Sherdian had a choice as to whether or not to engage in this shameless self-promotion, and I for one hope that Strathclyde come down on him like a tonne of bricks. If he took is law degree seriously, he wouldn’t be swanning around in the house, tarnishing any reputation as a serious politician rather than the profoudly below par polemicist he seems to be.

    • If these are permitted as special circumstances I would be disgusted. Students are given timetables at the start of the year indiacting when exams take place generally – although actual dates are not fixed until during the year. While lecture attendance is not compulsory, examination attendance is. If you are ill, or bereaved, then you have a reasonable excuse. Going to work, or appearing on television is not. The potential for complaints from other students – acorss the University – if he is given special circumstances are substantial.
      If I was an external examiner attending a special circumstances board where these circumstances were raised I know that I would give it short shrift, and that the bulk of my colleagues would too.
      As I mentioned previously, I think he’s blown it – because these exams count towards entry to the professionally required Diploma – where places are limited and first time failures in courses can mean that you don’t get a place.
      Not to have checked this in advance of agreeing to it is naive in the extreme.

      • Must admit to being quite irked by the “studying law at glasgow university” comments in the record. bah humbug.
        The strathclyde undergraduate exam timetable finishes this friday, and so he has, or will have, missed all his exams by the time he gets out. Noting what gail said in the newspaper, it doesnt really matter that he “busted a gut” to submit his essays because to pass (most) classes you have to pass both the written and examined coursework in equal amounts.
        I’m assuming you are not currently an external examiner at strathclyde? I would find that privately quite amusing if you were!
        What amuses me more is that technically you will be teaching tommy s next year due to the fact that the TC webcasts are still used for a small part of the course (i’ll bet that makes you feel privileged? :))

        • I am not on the board, hence my comments. If I was I think it might disbar me.
          Can you remember if I made any inappropriate comments in the webcasts?

          • Hmmm…jokes about latin teachers; stories about roddie paisley; some (potentially) defamatory comments about lord corehouse; stories about (i cant believe its not) polmont; but no, no tommy s or socialism-related comments that I can recall 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Missed Exams?
    According to the Daily Record Mr Sheridan has given up his law course to concentrate on winning his perjury case – as well he might given that he wouldn’t be allowed to practice law if convicted. See here –
    However might Tommy being somewhat ‘economic with the truth'(never!) in that having missed his exams he couldn’t continue his course until next year anyway?
    All the Best,

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