What to do about Tommy’s exams

As my regular reader knows Tommy Sheridan is currently in the Celebrity Big Brother house.  He is also a law student.  The examination diet is next week.  Tommy is unlikely to be available for the examinations.  Now ordinarily a failure to take an examination has adverse consequences – unless you have special circumstances (dead granny, bubonic plague, chickenpox or the like).  For entry to the professional qualification – the Diploma in Legal Practice – only first attempts (in the first diet or where justifiable special circumstances mean the exam is sat at another time) count.  Failure in one exam (or failure to attend) will scupper your professional chances.

Tommy wants to be a lawyer, but rather than sit his exams he’s decided to go on Big Brother.  So how should this be dealt with?

livetletlive86 has  a suggestion

"-have him sit his exams in the diary room, with the members of staff involved invigilating by diary room cam. …

– inform him on live television, and over the BB house loudspeaker, that he has missed his exams and consequently has failed his degree.

– ask him each exam question (problem, discursive or otherwise) over the BB house loudspeaker and have him shout out the answers."

So which option do you prefer?

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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10 Responses to What to do about Tommy’s exams

  1. I should add a couple of comments to the above, just to play devil’s advocate.
    As a current diploma student at GGSL I am aware that you would have been able to get admission to this year’s diploma having failed 2 of the solicitors subjects at first sitting. I think this is to do with the fact that stirling is a newly-opened diploma provider and has thus increased spaces available for potential diploma students.
    Now this might be a step too far for Tommy S because he would be missing 3,4, potentially 5 exams this january. If these were to count as failed first attempts then I’m sure that would scupper his chances of a diploma place.
    Unless he were to be surprise evicted or leave the BB house early, in which case he might only miss 1 or 2 exams, sit the rest and pass, and thus salvage his diploma spot (NB: the impending break-up of the GGSL will also increase diploma places for scottish law students, so, again, more than 2 fails might be acceptable in the future).
    A second option would also be open to him to take an academic suspension and just start again next year.
    The third one is more curious. The strong gossip around the law school playground (and which some suspect to be true) is that tommy s has been offered, and will undertake, a traineeship, with aamer anwar & co. Now there is a mystical rule somewhere (apparently, but I’m not sure) which says that students, instead of taking the diploma in legal practice, can sit a 3 year traineeship, provided they can find someone to take them for a 3 year traineeship, in order to qualify as a solicitor. Whether this is true or not, it may offer him another alternative if he can’t get into diploma.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tommy’s 3 year option
      I believe the mystical ‘three year’ option you speak of is as follows:
      – 3 year Pre-Diploma training with a firm/solicitor;
      – Successful passes of the Law Socety’s examinations;
      – Diploma in Legal Practice; and
      – 2 year training contact as normal
      If Tommy the Trot had to go down this route, it would be hilarious, adding an absurdly large amount of time onto his training.
      For more on that route, see http://www.lawscot.org.uk/uploads/leaflets/Pre-diploma%20Training.pdf

      • Re: Tommy’s 3 year option
        That wasn’t exactly what I was thinking of. What I was referring to was the option of doing a 3 year traineeship in place of the diploma in legal practice. So essentially you would do an extra year’s traineeship in place of the diploma.
        I’d heard that this had been used (very sparingly) by people such as parents who couldn’t afford to take time off unpaid to undertake the (very expensive) diploma. But like I said, this was hearsay so I’m not sure of the veracity of it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Re: Tommy’s 3 year option
          Indeed, I just wondered whether the hearsay you had heard doing the rounds was a chinese-whispered version of the three-year pre-diploma traineeship.

  2. hoiho says:

    Perhaps Mr Sheridan has made some calculations regarding the outcome of certain ongoing legal processes, and has reckoned that the resulting likelihood of his admission to the legal profession is somewhat poor?
    As an aside, what’s the general legal community’s opinion of the 2 year LLBs, like the one that Tommy’s pursuing?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tommy Sheridan
    Even if he obtains his diploma, or the fairy tale 3 year traineeship. , there is a large question mark over his admittance to the Law Society.
    Even if they overlook his existing criminal record for poll tax/CND demonstrations, a crime of dishonesty such as perjury (if found guilty of course) would surely see him prevented from entering the profession.
    Furthermore, if the News of the World is successful in their appeal, it will inevitably see Tommy made bankrupt. This again would surely see him prevented from entering the profession.
    It makes you wonder whats the point?

  4. shaz_rte says:

    Strathclyde are clearly very liberal if they allow students to miss exams for such pootling excuses as dead grannies! At our place, only the death of the student themself appears to allow them to claim mit circs, and they’d still have to turn up to argue their case *g*.
    Were I the Tomster’s ART (spot the nice new trendy acronym), I’d advise him that he was perfectly at liberty to take part in CBB, but no extensions or mit circs would be forthcoming *g*.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I would just like to quote the Tomster from tonight’s BB
    “Aw naw! is rat ra hingmy?”

    • I’ve tried watching. I have. I persevered long beyond the point of decency – but I can’t go on.
      I was on the verge of slitting my wrists with a tomato – things were that bad.
      So last night it was Hustle and Question Time – with a break for Paul Burrell.
      The sooner the trial starts the better.

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