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SNP lose the Scottish budget vote

On the casting vote of the presiding officer. Last year Salmond indicated he’d resign and call an election.  Well, he can’t do that for reasons explained  last year. So what next?   ETA Apparently a new budget is to be prepared … Continue reading

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It’s official – the future is orange

The Herald, the Scotsman  and the Record confirm what has been suspected for some time. Tommy Sheridan will be represented by Donald Findlay QC. Gail will be represented by Paul McBride QC (described by the Record as a "former linesman", although fairer to … Continue reading

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So that’s what he needed the Big Brother money for…

To the astonishment of literally one member of the general populace television celebrity and law student Tommy Sheridan confirmed via his lawyer Aamer Anwar (carefully speaking on behalf of his client today) that the preliminary diet in the perjury case … Continue reading

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Welcome to new readers

Grettings to my new friends and readers on the Police National Network who seem particularly interested in my post about the KGB man buying the Evening Standard. 

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Red Riding again

Rob Buckley posts the press release – with cast list – for Red Riding. Things looks better and better… ETA And for burkesworks via Rob a trailer – language NSFW ETA again  And a review from those lovely people at TV Scoop.

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You can follow me on Twitter here  I may not take it entirely seriously.

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KGB man buys Evening Standard

Is this news? When I was in London and bought the Evening Standard it wasn’t news.   Admittedly I wasn’t a spy – although I did work for a top secret government funded research body.  There I was struggling to get the … Continue reading

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TV event of the year?

Coming soon Red Riding From the best british crime novels of recent years Channel 4 have started some teaser trailers (with the voice of Warren Clarke?)  and with appetite already whetted those wonderful chaps at Off the telly tell us the … Continue reading

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Co-leader of Scotland’s sixth political party less popular than former member of A1

And so in a shock to no-one last night Tommy Sheridan was evicted from the Big Brother house.   He bid farewell to his brothers, sister, and bro’ and exited to a chorus of boos. During his final days Tommy demonstrated a facility with … Continue reading

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The unanswered Obama question

Just what were they serving at that dinner yesterday that took out two US senators?    

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Why has Norwich Union changed its name to one of those daft words Vic used to use in the Dove from Above round on Shooting Stars?

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For surliminal, almax, &c

"Many young people ruin what would otherwise be talented and useful lives by devoting themselves to law," Geoffrey Robertson’s obituary of John Mortimer   Discuss…

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Obituary news – Rumpole rests his case

"Would I ever do the case down the Bailey?  Would I ever repeat that closing speech to a real Jury, up and dressed in a real Jury box?  I felt sleep drifting over me, dulling my senses and darkening my world.  Should … Continue reading

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Sheridan misses exams

Oh, and I believe that Tommy Sheridan has now missed his first batch of exams.  There seems to have been no sign of Tommy being called to do exams in the diary room, or asked questions aloud by Big Brother.  … Continue reading

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Tommy watch

I’ve given up.  There’s only so much mileage that you can get from watching the co-leader of Scotland’s sixth political party being dressed in lycra and electrocuted when Coolio fails to answer questions about cockney rhyming slang.  Where’s the challenge … Continue reading

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Which celebrity caused the credit crunch?

Yahoo asks, "did David Bowie cause the credit crunch?" by suggesting that banks took the idea of securitisation – bundling rights to payment and selling them on – from him, after his Bowie bonds in 1997 As my regular reader will know the … Continue reading

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The co-leader of Scotland’s sixth political party

I hate Amsterdam.  I find it Ian McEwan’s most unsatisfying work, where his earlier edge was twisted into a Roald Dahl-esque tale of the unexpected, but without the nastiness.  But I do remember one part vividly, where the newspaper editor … Continue reading

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What to do about Tommy’s exams

As my regular reader knows Tommy Sheridan is currently in the Celebrity Big Brother house.  He is also a law student.  The examination diet is next week.  Tommy is unlikely to be available for the examinations.  Now ordinarily a failure … Continue reading

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Bush poetry

Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we. You have to admit it – we’ll miss that sort of thing..

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An occasional series: Searches that reached me

 "Coolio Orangutan" "Graham Norton credit Iceland" I’ve no idea what either of you were looking for but nice to have you here.

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