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Big Brother Tommy Watch

From the Star "STEAMY Roman romps are planned by scheming Celebrity Big Brother chiefs. They’ve installed a giant bath to tempt housemates into naughty action under the suds. Five people can fit into the tub in the luxurious Roman-style bathroom … Continue reading

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Top 10 TV of 2008

In no particular order Wallander (BBC1) – Kenneth Branagh doesn’t do much telly, but when he does he is exceptionally good.  His first big role (other than CBeebies bedtime stories) since Conspiracy – a very different character – but boy … Continue reading

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Lockerbie 20 years on – I

Twenty years ago tonight, just after 7 o’clock my mum answered the phone.  My granny was due to phone.  My sisters were staying with my granny – my grandfather having died during the year, and the family not wishing her  to … Continue reading

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Do it to Julia

I strained against the straps as I watched O’Brien put the record on again, "When you’ve spent a few hours with that one tune O’Brien, whether or not accompanied by children showing you the actions, you can see why Winston cracked." … Continue reading

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An end to the Stagg hunt?

I’m a lawyer.  I don’t work in the criminal sphere, never have. but the treatment of those caught up in the criminal justice system, and the attitudes of the police tells you a lot about what kind of  legal system … Continue reading

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It’s not all bad news

When you thought the endless diet of bad news would never end – along comes a story to cheer you up.   And has anyone had a go at writing a Fraser Digby’s washbag song for the god-like genius that is … Continue reading

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Surely there must be a way to beat the X Factor single to Christmas number 1

Why can’t the people of Britain stop the tyranny of The X Factor by getting behind the songs of a real British icon? The first time I heard what follows I wasn’t sure if this was a deliberate act of comic … Continue reading

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There goes January – Sheridan update

Having avoided the most recent series of Big Brother I am afraid that I will have to begin watching again.  Yes, the Tomster is – according to today’s News of the Screws – scheduled to appear in the Celebrity show beginning in January. … Continue reading

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For your consideration

My loyal reader often e-mails me to say, "Who the hell are you and what do you sound like?" Well, thanks to the wonder of international podcasting my shroud of anonymity slips as I was privileged to contribute to the … Continue reading

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How political systems operate

1.  How feudalism works. A large landowner controls the destiny of everyone within the area.  Their relationship to the landowner determines their economic prospects and the landowner can at whim replace them if appropriate obligations to the landowner are not … Continue reading

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Spartacus poll

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The Kenny MacAskill monkey operated random cliche and platitude generator

Speaking about football today Scottish justice secretary Kenny MacAskill and his team of an infinte number of monkeys today proved that not only can the infinite number of monkeys write Hamlet, but also that the monkeys can generate a speech laden … Continue reading

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ThE National year of Reading – how do you attract members of the opposite sex?

I am often approached by complete strangers who say to me, "What books do you think make a person attractive to a member of the opposite sex?" Flummoxed by this query I’ve walked away in silence. Fortunately, help is at … Continue reading

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THings to look forward to in the coming week

Just how will Kathryn Flett review this week’s Screenwipe – and its analysis of mission documentaries including the execrable Miss Naked Beauty…

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The entertaining Mr Stone (part II)

With due acknowledgement to Mr Eugenides in relation to Michael Stone’s defence ("It was performance art, guv, honest" ) it should be noted that northern Ireland’s performance artists earlier in the year issued a statement on Stone’s defence.  The statement is worth … Continue reading

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Entertaining Mr Stone

So, Michael Stone has been found guilty of trying to murder various MLAs at Stormont some 2 years ago.  As he was wrestled to the ground at the entrance (as captured by TV cameras) he was carrying:   explosive fireworks; flammable … Continue reading

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I didn’t get where I am today by not recognising an unnecessary remake where I see one


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