Next: Who?

I had to wake up for this.

So, who should be the next Doctor?

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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11 Responses to Next: Who?

  1. I believe Teh Graun has jumped the embargo on the story so the page has disappeared (try again at 10!).

  2. burkesworks says:

    Alex Salmond for Eleventh Doctor!

  3. peeeeeeet says:

    Anyway, I reckon wossname, the fellow who was the Marquis De Carabas and is in Numberwang, cos he was in Moff’s Jekyll thing (which was a bit rubbish and he wasn’t very good, unfortunately, but what the hey).
    Catherine Tate.

    • surliminal says:

      Catherine Tate is a Good Idea. the Doctordonna revived!
      Of course we could always have guest appearancs by DT as the Dr as the clone in Rose’s world, y’kno..
      Really? I’d quite like to see Matthew McFadyen, aka ex Tom from Spooks – he has a lovely melancholy about him a la Eccleston and bodily q like Tennant.But also too big a star now..
      Course it’s actually gonna be Morrisey right?
      Brand you can almost see as the Dr a la Tom Baker – except I’d want to kill him in 5 mins.
      And Stephen Fry would of course always be good:)
      But le sigh. I have a horrible feeling we’ll back on this as a golden era, as with the Tom B years..

  4. I am with Burkeworks
    First Minister For Eleventh Doctor

  5. lonemagpie says:

    I dunno who should be, but if they follow the theme of the producer bringing along his favourite star, it’ll be that Irish twat from the Yellow Pages ad, won’t it?

  6. ravensthorpe says:

    Phil Glenister
    Benjamin Zephaniah
    Michael Caine
    Sanjeev Baskhar
    Hannah Murray (If it has to be a lady doctor).

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