Denmark minimum wage update

Given that criminal proceedings are due to begin in the near future I have avoided posting anything about the Sheridan case.  Before I go into temporary hibernation (only two days to go probably) I thought I should share with you the entry on Katrine Trolle in wikipedia.

Long-suffering readers will recall that Trolle claimed during the defamation action to have had a sexual relationship with Sheridan.  

Well, wikipedia notes,

"[Sheridan] claimed that their relationship was purely political. Mobile phone records showed that he made her a large number of telephone calls, he has claimed that this was to discuss Denmark’s minimum wage policy. Since the trial it has been pointed out that Denmark does not have a minimum wage (see List of minimum wages by country)."

So, a poll to carefully analyse public attitudes to Danish minimum wage policy

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1 Response to Denmark minimum wage update

  1. shaz_rte says:

    Heh! Clearly the European equivalent of discussing Ugandan affairs . . .

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