Scottish banking

"Perhaps it was worth being poor for a long time to be so rich for just a little while."

JK Galbraith, The Great Crash 1929, p 68 (1975 edition), ch III, final line.

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3 Responses to Scottish banking

  1. Any more word on emulating Iceland or the strength of the Scottish financial institutions from the First Minister?

    • Salmond did mention on BBC News channel yesterday that Iceland was not an appropriate comparator for Scotland as it was such a small country in terms of population.
      I left one or two comments on a blog yesterday at reflecting some of the issues in my post of last week. The most interesting responses are from Richard Thomson – whoe notes that iceland was no advocated as a model to follow, but was a small prosperous state – and a lengthy reply from “components of independence” which is not wedded to party dogma and makes some interesting points. One commenter asks how near bankruptcy is affecting iceland. The knock-on consequences for exports-imports and the financial sectors (a huge contributory to Iceland GDP) when there is sovereign default do not, of course, arise immediately – so the impact on Iceland’s citizens will not be apparent for some weeks/months.
      I have submitted a question to the BBC webchat with Mr Salmond this week on the topic of Iceland.
      Brian Taylor, BBC Scotland political editor, explained on Newsnight Scotland last night that – in his view – the actions yesterday and other events (including the Icelandic position) mean that Salmond will have to change his narrative to present a different case for nationalism. It is not apparent that that change of narrative has yet taken place (particularly given the strength of the Scottish financial sector is regularly referred to in Salmond’s speeches that I linked to last week) and was clearly a central plank in the economic justification for independence.

  2. surliminal says:

    Amusingly todsy the EU launched their new e=payments white paper. As El Reg says why on earth right now would anyone want to swap real cas for digital?
    Lovely to see you today 🙂

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