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Next: Who?

I had to wake up for this. So, who should be the next Doctor?

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Hibernation begins today

The new baby is here, named, and currently content. I’ll see you next year. ETA (12.11.08)  Thanks to all for the good wishes.  All are well.  I’ll probably pop in again just before Christmas.

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Denmark minimum wage update

Given that criminal proceedings are due to begin in the near future I have avoided posting anything about the Sheridan case.  Before I go into temporary hibernation (only two days to go probably) I thought I should share with you … Continue reading

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Of Lloyds TSB, HBoS, and how lenders raise money – a note for parliamentary candidates

My previous post referred to SNP candidate Calum Cashley and his assertions on the question of bank finance and I apologise for returning to this – but it’s Jeff’s fault for reasons explained here.  The story so far is that Mr Cashley asserted – in … Continue reading

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Bank securitisations – A reply to Calum Cashley

Yesterday evening around 8 pm I posted a reply to a comment in a blog post by Calum Cashley, the SNP candidate for Edinburgh north and Leith.  22  hours later Mr Cashley has not moderated my comment, and hence has not published it on … Continue reading

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Protected: Scottish banking – locked post. Some politicians should learn when to shut up

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Scottish banking

"Perhaps it was worth being poor for a long time to be so rich for just a little while." JK Galbraith, The Great Crash 1929, p 68 (1975 edition), ch III, final line.

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Miscellany – who comes here, why, and what I have in common with John Redwood

I signed up for one of those things that lets you know where your visitors are coming from and what they’re looking at – out of curiosity, seeing how my workpages were hit by the most bizarre references. Things I … Continue reading

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What do John Redwood and myself have in common? PS no prizes

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Don’t mention Iceland – I did once but I think I got away with it

This story has two beginnings.  The first is a tale grossly over-simplified. In the beginning there was securitisation, and the lawyers and the financiers looked on securitisation and it was good. "“The article … addresses its core question: is the securitization process … Continue reading

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Cabinet reshuffle news

SINGING: (in dour Fife accent)You came and you gave without takin’But I sent you away, oh Mandy You kissed me and stopped me from shakin’And I need you!

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