STV and Poirot

One of the delights of Sunday evening viewing has been the new series of David Suchet as Poirot on ITV (including a pretty good Mark Gatiss scripted episode last Sunday).  The series is – in England and Wales – due to finish with an adaptation of The Third Girl by Peter Flannery (that’s right the writer of Our Friends in the North is doing a POirot – intriguing surely?) on Sunday 28th.  However, Scottish viewers are not going to share in this episode.  Instead we get a one hour documentary on Taggart, followed by a repeat of a one hour documentary on the nail bomber (if I read my schedules correctly).

Having contacted STV about this I am advised that "stv have no plans to broadcast this episode of Poirot"

WHile I understand the merits of regional broadcasting and the importance of Taggart to the STV schedules – and its contribution to national networks – to completely ignore a mutliple BAFTA winning show, and instead broadcast a repeat of a true crime documentary about London killings for one hour of the slot to further a commitment to "regional broadcasting" (also fulfilled by the execrable Postcode Challenge quiz presented by Carol Smillie and some sub-Richard and Judy magazine type show at 5.30 each weekday) seems to me inexplicable and unjustifiable.

Of course, come independence and the SBC, this, BBC ALba, and an all new all singing all dancing Garnock Way, repeats of the best episodes of [Take the] High Road and wall to wall River City is what we can expect.

whoop de doo.

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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6 Responses to STV and Poirot

  1. Sianel Pedwar Wee Eck
    At least the Wee Eck shows no desire to emulate de Valera and make Gaelic the language of the republic of Scotland.
    You could always get a satelite dish and watch one of the other versions of ITV.

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: Sianel Pedwar Wee Eck
      And why should anyone be forced into buying a dish. This is a NATIONAL TV Program and should be shown at the 9pm slot where they show Nationally broadcasted programs. The real reason behind this is that STV are running drastically short of cash and can’t afford to buy in these programs and so instead of enjoying these programs (like Poirot and Sharpe (which has also not been shown)) we are forced to watch either repeats or programs like Missing which was filmed 4 years ago which due to changes in the programming schedule (ITV changed from a 90 minute slot to a 60 minute slot at 9pm, then recently changed back) was shelved, but STV have discovered that this program is a lot cheaper to show than the National TV Programs. So nobody in Scotland will ever get these programs EVER!!! (Unless STV would care to comment. But take a look at their website, they have no place to comment on this Forums or anywhere else about this., thus STV are trying to dodge the flak which they should receive about this practice.

      • Re: Sianel Pedwar Wee Eck
        I have been complaining about these scheduling decisions to their contact e-mail at . However, as you point out finding that address is not straightforward in their all singing all dancing website.
        I have complained about the failure to schedule Poirot and Sharpe. I have not had a reply to the latter and my response in relation to their pat e-mail “we’re satisfying regional broadcasting commitments” (by showing a documentary about the nail bomber??) received no response.
        I have no desire to line Murdoch’s pockets with satellite TV subscriptions and share your views.

      • Poirot and Sharpe
        They have replied to me as follows:
        “Thank you for contacting stv.
        stv have decided to opt out of ITV’s scheduling of Sharpe’s Peril, on Sunday 2nd and 9th of November, to show Missing, a high quality psychological thriller produced by stv.
        We have the choice to opt in and out of the network schedule, and on this occasion we’ve found a great opportunity to take control of our schedule and show an exciting new Scottish drama, which we think stv viewers will enjoy. At this stage, we have no plans to show Sharpe’s Peril at a later date. stv opted out of the network scheduling of Poirot on Sunday 28th September due to regional programming commitments. We broadcast a Taggart documentary ‘There’s Been Another Murder: 25 Years of Taggart’.
        Thank you for taking the time to get in touch.”
        I have replied
        “IN relation to 28th September I note that a documentary was broadcast on Taggart. I am aware how important Taggart is to the STV schedules and the presence of STV on the wider ITV network. However, I would be grateful if you could advise how the broadcast of a documentary about the London nail bomber on 28th September after the Taggart documentary furthered your commitment to regional broadcasting?
        Additionally, I am astonished that you describe Missing as a “new drama”. STV has chosen to broadcast a 4 year old drama which has sat on the shelf – and been available to buy on DVD for some time – rather than the new edition of the very popular Sharpe. ON what basis has STV chosen to broadcast a 4 year old drama rather than a new programme – available throughout the rest of the ITV network. Is there a financial imperative that it causing STV difficulties in broadcasting network shows?
        Yours faithfully”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Poirot, Sharpe, Lewis, What else is to go!!
    Satisfying Regional Broadcasting my arse!! The way the system works is as follows. The regional broadcaster who make this (or the production company) sell the rights to show the program to the other channels. However Poirot, Sharpe and now Lewis costs a lot of money which STV now have proved they cannot afford, so they have cancelled these programs and are using “Scottish people want to watch Scottish Programs”, which is frankly b******s. As the great Scottish programming they are offering now includes the following (all of which have been shown so often you can write the bloody scripts to them) – Gregory’s Girl, Whisky Galore (the black and white 1949 one!!), The 39 Steps (as far as I have read the Black and white Version NOT the one starring Jesus Christ himself :-)) It appears that STV are now so strapped for cash that instead of showing people programs they want to watch they’ll instead push out 60 year old films instead. Has anyone thought about taking action against STV about this??? BTW The other thing I have read is that STV may be doing this to thumb it’s nose at the ITV network.

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: Poirot, Sharpe, Lewis, What else is to go!!
      Well now it appears that STV are going to drop EVERY new ITV Drama going and what are they going to replace it with well Sirens for one thing. Is it new you ask? No I reply it’s about 7 years old. So STV are continuing with their FAILED campaign to replace ITV Drama with new Scottish programs (aye right pal!!) New SCOTTISH Programs, programs largely made up of public domain clips or cheaply made documentaries, and “Scottish” dramas including Fitz (so old the star died about 10 years ago), South Park and Sirens, and it’ll get even worse where STV are planning to replace a large chunk of programming with a Live Casino program (probably in the vein of those programs no one watches late at night on Five and what have you). Oh and way did I say failed because now the STVs profits have dropped drastically in the Telegraph, a paper not known for “making s**t up” it has stated that the profits have dropped 84%, yes folks you have not read that wrong 84% from £4.5m to (and you’re not reading the next figure wrong) £700,000, revenue fell 35% from £75.6m to £48.8m. This is probably due to advertisers getting pi**ed off with not getting their stuff put out on award winning programs, instead being shown on all that great Scottish programming STV keep droning on about. Well sorry STV you have now shot yourself in the foot. Not with as so many people do with a pistol, but with a large tank shell, so whilst you might live the former way, you’re dead the latter way. So put your hands together and welcome the new owners of STV – Whoever wants to grab a hold of a dead duck.

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