Family news

It will be apparent to my regular reader that I have not been posting as regularly in recent weeks.  This has been as a result of family and work circumstances.  I will probably wind down this LJ in the coming month – possibly to a complete halt for a while – as we have a new baby arriving in 4 weeks or so – and have had quite a bit of toing and froing to hospital over recent weeks and months, with more to come.

Thanks to everyone for reading and occasionally commenting – and I’ll keep an eye on things over here, and will probably resume more regular posts next year.

About loveandgarbage

I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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16 Responses to Family news

  1. matgb says:

    That’s fair, g’luck and all, family has to come first.
    OTOH, you could do what did and liveblog it by phone…

  2. nmg says:

    I may only comment occasionally, but I do read all of your posts (even the Sheridiana). Consider it a sign of praise that your posts are so complete and well-formed that I can frequently think of nothing further to add.
    Good luck with the imminent arrival – I hope that your work commitments this semester are light.

    • Many thanks. This semester is pretty good – and the HoD has been very understanding (as have colleagues).
      If the Sheridan trial starts of course, my purdah may be broken rather sooner than currently anticipated 😉

  3. ramtops says:

    You’ll be missed! And good luck with the addition to the family 🙂

  4. daibhid_c says:

    Yeah, what they said.

  5. honeypossum says:

    Aye, all the best mate and good luck with the sprog!

  6. Anonymous says:

    My very best wishes on the imminent addition to the family – does winding-down the LJ make you the Ruth Kelly of the online diary world??

  7. Anonymous says:

    So Scott, the Annan bubble bursts and you disappear!
    Seriously I look forward to your return and wish you the very best for your new arrival.

  8. doctorvee says:

    Good luck, and don’t stay away from the blog for too long!

  9. shaz_rte says:

    Good luck with the new arrival and hope to see you back online soon. I shall miss your posts, but hope for Tomster updates if the opportunity arises *g*. Which reminds me . . . the book is finished and winging its way to a copy editor ‘ere we speak. And the publishers coughed up for that double-page spread from Scotland on Sunday the weekend after the trial finished!

    • I hope to make the hearing – if possible – and will post the moment it kicks off.
      I can’t miss it – I have too much invested in it!
      ON the book – Great. You must let me know when it’s out, because I’d be very interested in it.
      THanks for the good wishes. We’re winding down various things pending the arrival (while I try to finish a book that’s a year overdue – cue Douglas Adams “I love the sound of deadlines as they whoosh past me”) – and I’ve just been invited to lecture in jersey next year (which I’m pondering).
      There’ll probably be a quick post to confirm the baby’s here – then radio silence will be resumed until HMA v the Tomster kicks off.

      • shaz_rte says:

        Ho hum — I know the feeling re. overdue books *g*. Mine was a tad past deadline. Best of luck getting yours finished! Looks like mine will be out in February. In the meantime I need to put together a proposal for an edited collection (journalism) and two crime fic theory books.
        The Jersey invite sounds intriguing. Good luck if you decide to go.

  10. Good luck! (late comment, have been away)

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