And according to the 3 pm news David Cairns has resigned as minister of state at the Scotland Office.

Place your bets on Field Marshall Styre ladies and gentlemen..

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4 Responses to Endgame?

  1. gominokouhai says:

    I thought they were disbanding the Scotland Office.

    • It’s been rumoured, but the likelihood seemed to be that there would be no minister of state in a Scotland Office but a minister of state for Scotland in the department of constitutional affairs/Justice. The role of secretary of state for Scotland would then fall.

      • gominokouhai says:

        Seems like it might have been time for him to go anyway. This way he gets to do it in a blaze of glory (or a blaze of something, at least).
        Reid scares the hell out of me.

        • Cairns has always seemed quite sensible and decent. I don’t think this is an ego trip for him.
          On the scariness of Reid – yep. He terrifies me. However, I think he would alarm Cameron too. Which might be fun.

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