World’s greatest golfer ill?

I understand that there are rumours that the world of sport is on the verge of losing one of its great figures. 

The first man to hit five holes in one in one round, who played a par 72 course in 34 strokes during his first ever round of golf, is apparently ill having beaten his previous record by thirty three strokes

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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2 Responses to World’s greatest golfer ill?

  1. But he was never King of Scotland, or offered to mud-wrestle the president of the Ugandan Women’s Netball Federation. Or to marry Princess Anne.
    That’s the trouble with Kim Jong-Il. These second-generation despots lack Vision.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He could have had a second korea as a golfer then?
    I’ll get my coat………..

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