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The banking crisis – who is to blame?

Roused from hibernation to say I’m not wishing to scapegoat any part of the country in particular, but HALIFAX Bank of ScotlandBRADFORD and BINGLEY Just because the county championship didn’t go as hoped, there’s no need to take it out on … Continue reading

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Family news

It will be apparent to my regular reader that I have not been posting as regularly in recent weeks.  This has been as a result of family and work circumstances.  I will probably wind down this LJ in the coming month – … Continue reading

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STV and Poirot

One of the delights of Sunday evening viewing has been the new series of David Suchet as Poirot on ITV (including a pretty good Mark Gatiss scripted episode last Sunday).  The series is – in England and Wales – due to … Continue reading

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UNique books?

Via alfaguru and nhw  Ten books you have that you don’t think anyone else on your friends list will have. I immediately rule out continental crime fiction because shaz_rte has no doubt reviewed them all so – avoiding a complete run of … Continue reading

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Doctor Who news

Amidst all the fuss about Arty Dobe’s book about writing for Doctor Who what appeared to be spoilers about the forthcoming Christmas special were merrily trotted across the pages of The Times during the serialisation.  It appears that this may have prompted … Continue reading

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THe great American novelist

Last week Radio 3 broadcast a fascinating interview with Philip Roth looking at his new novel in the main, but wide-ranging and covering religion and American politics among other topics.  The interview is now available for download for one week … Continue reading

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Pen man leaves Beeb

THe BBC Scotland newsreader who messed with the heads of viewers by playing magic tricks with his pen during news reports is leaving the BBC. And for a reminder of David Robertson at his infuriating best here’s Limmy’s analysis

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A bit of a dark horse: It’s worse than we thought

When footballers cost tens of millions of pounds the news on Teletext yesterday that "A group of bankers are being asked to consider making a £6m bid to save the Edinburgh-based Bank of Scotland." suggested that perhaps the Bank of … Continue reading

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Crash test dummy

The headline "Crash to be turned into a TV series" sadly refers to the Oscar winning Haggis film, and not the JG Ballard novel. But, if Andrew Davies is considering a new project he could do far worse than take a trip … Continue reading

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The photo meme

Take a picture of yourself right now.Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair…just take a picture.Post that picture with NO editing.Post these instructions with your picture.

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Short selling and the stock market

So, the market forces that some claim drove HBoS into the hands of Lloyds TSB may not be as potent as the FSA has suspended short-selling from midnight tonight for a limited period. As Vince decreed, lo it has come … Continue reading

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Financial advertising

Save with the Bank of Scotland – we’re a bit of a dark horse.

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Resignation poll

So, this is fun. Now, a poll asking who’ll resign next?

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And according to the 3 pm news David Cairns has resigned as minister of state at the Scotland Office. Place your bets on Field Marshall Styre ladies and gentlemen..

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Lost in Ling

For those who ticked the "Jasper Fforde should sue box" in the Lost in Austen question in the poll about classic series – the writer of Lost in Austen has spoken to the Radio Times. (p 136) and his influences are … Continue reading

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Political news

Is Britain ready for Sontaran rule? And could Field Marshall Dr Styre be any worse than Prudence the Presbyterian? And could Aardman’s own David "just call me Dave" Cameron handle someone with a real clunking fist – but a worrying weakness … Continue reading

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Classic series

So the Beeb rejoices in a new classic serial, but prompted by surliminal ‘s ennui a poll: What classic should be adapted by the Beeb?

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My 11/9 hell

Train delayed by 25 minutes, late home.

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World’s greatest golfer ill?

I understand that there are rumours that the world of sport is on the verge of losing one of its great figures.  The first man to hit five holes in one in one round, who played a par 72 course … Continue reading

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Cern update

I don’t want to alarm anyone but I saw a car outside my window heading slowly and inexorably in the general direction of Switzerland…

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