Not you too Bob

Like others I was wondering how London would follow the Beijing Olympics.

Today we got part 1 of the answer.

Just watch (here if that doesn’t work) open-mouthed, and weep.

London’s answer is to be really  really rubbish: cyclists going through traffic lights; Leona Lewis; queues; umbrellas;  Jimmy “I prosecute folk from the Barras” Page; Shaun of the Dead type punters trying to clamber through the windows of a bus; a millionaire fashion icon and occasional winger who moved out of London as soon as he could to go to Manchester and currently lives in the US, and the winner of a Blue Peter competition (I mean, in my day you got a badge and were happy with it – not a trip to Beijing).

All that as well as Lisa Simpson performing an “unspeakable act ” ((c) Kirsty Wark) – symbolic of London on its knees performing an unspeakable act on something or other.

TO add to that Huw “Not you too Bob” Edwards panicking about the prospect of the whole of the London audience disappearing through the endeavours of a scribble monster created by the genius behind Bonekickers and I for one can;t wait for 2016 (and Rio with any luck).

Thankfully I missed it live – as I, along with my son, was being entertained by Steve Cole reading from his new Astrosaurs Academy book, and providing a fantastic hour of interactive entertainment at the Edinburgh book festival, far funnier than the last couple of stand up acts I saw at the fringe.  I’m guessing that I was the only person that took The Ancestor Cell for signing  – while my son turned up with his six favourite Astrosaurs books (having been asked to choose a couple of his favourites).

About loveandgarbage

I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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2 Responses to Not you too Bob

  1. Re: London opening ceremony
    I’d forgotten that – but vague recollections have come to mind.
    No doubt, the dragon in 2012 will remove his large rubber head to reveal Sir Steve Redgrave – forgetting to thank his wife.

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