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Fake television

Extreme Fisking with Robson Green Channel 5, 2009 Channel 5, home of The Gadget Show, has employed Robson Green to provide a series of authored documentaries on a variety of topics.  His porogrammes began in 2008 with Extreme Fishing.  And after … Continue reading

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Peter Sellers

For Alastair A fleeting glimpse of some Beatles bookending perhaps the finest interpretation of their work  

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Fake TV shows

 Boon-kickers Virgin One, 2009 Filling that difficult gap in the Virgin One schedules between light-hearted documentaries about the personal lives of conjoined twins and their late night offerings from adult channels (occasionally occupied by repeats of Hustle) Virgin One decided … Continue reading

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Hungry Hippos – the movie: the next step

As it seems clear that Hungry Hippos – the movie is potentially the most marketable of the games into movies discussed earlier it is time to consider how best to progress the project.  I will be e-mailing the game producers, … Continue reading

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Stories you may have missed

In the – what? what? what? – stakes the news that they’re going to make a film of Monopoly passed me by – but the Beeb have thankfully linked to it from their big Monopoly story today. So, what other … Continue reading

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If you turn it up really loud you can almost hear Noel Edmonds scream

The first time we thought that we’d managed to rid our screens of Noel Edmonds commemorated on youtube – but what on earth had Paul Daniels done to offend anyone?

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Anti-rugby league bias – Superstars 1978

Watch the race in this clip from the 1978 Superstars final and tell me who you think the winner is  

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I suspect most people haven’t been watching Superstars and delighting in the performance of the Brian Jacks de nos jours – Alain “finished third in an Olympic alpine event but didn’t get a medal due to having taken an over … Continue reading

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Olympic poll

The fleeting appearance of a years old portrait of Myra Hindley (previously seen on television, in newspapers, and on display for ears) has outraged the sensibilities of the entire galaxy. In preparing the next Olympic promotional video – and in … Continue reading

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Not you too Bob

Like others I was wondering how London would follow the Beijing Olympics. Today we got part 1 of the answer. Just watch (here if that doesn’t work) open-mouthed, and weep. London’s answer is to be really  really rubbish: cyclists going … Continue reading

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Conducting is an art like any other

Ding ding BBC Three (2009) After the success of Maestro BBC 3 controllers commissioned “Ding ding” – an introduction to the world of bus conducting for a collection of celebrities.  With a voice over from Blakey of On the Buses … Continue reading

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We are, how you say? “Mashive underdogsh”

The former England manager speaks to the Dutch nation. Like Trevor Steven he’s picked up the local accent very quickly. For those of you with the inclination, it’s worth listening to Five Live listen again to hear Alan Green’s reaction … Continue reading

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How to create the next greatest Olympian of all time

The success of swimmer Michael Phelps (yes it’s impressive, but how many events with slight variations to his basic starting skills can one man win medals for?) has set me thinking about creating the ultimate multi-medal winning Olympic machine.  After … Continue reading

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Fake game shows

Celebrickie Channel 5 – 2009 Hot on the heels of Celebair – teaching celebs to be air hostesses (ITV2 – coming soon folks!) – Channel 5 promoted Celebrickie, where a celebrity learned to be a bricklayer, while labouring on a … Continue reading

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Stories that do not live up to the headlines – an occasional series: number 96

Sadly the headline MEP helps to get 20 cows pregnant  is a rather dull story and not the scandal laden resignation issue promised.

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Olympic queries

Are the people who commentate on the sailing (where at least one event seems to be named after a giant panda sent during the diplomatic moves of the 1970s) really best placed to have a laugh at the names of … Continue reading

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The art of the trailer: Carry on the House of Sid-dam

The art of the TV trailer has improved immeasurably over the years.  As a lad I remember a large BBC logo (the lines making up a 1 or 2) on one half of the screen over a black background with … Continue reading

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Who’d have thunk it?

So, Rangers are reliant on Queen of the South doing well in Europe this season to help the co-efficient as the First Division club have at least got their league season underway before succumbing in Europe. It would take someone … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Mornington Crescent

I think it is time to begin a game of Doctor Who – Mornington Crescent, a game possible since the late 1960s with the introduction of The Web of Fear to the Doctor Who canon. As a tribute to the … Continue reading

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About bloody time (x2)…

Danny Baker to come back to Five Live Barry George not guilty.

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