Legal news: Mad Max/Mike/Tim Barnes v News of the Screws

Like many of you I suspect I am often confused by the abbreviations sometimes used in e-mails found in my spam folders.  Thankfully help is at hand.  Eady, J in his judgment in Mosley v News Group handily summarises some of the main abbreviations at para 4 – before  at paras 26 onwards explaining just what this entails (and probably best to let para 53 pass you by – although you too may be “shaking with laughter”) while para 59 explains just why a German accent is preferable to Italian or french, and please remember that in the midst of the excitement do make sure you keep your hearing aid turned on (at para 69).

Aside from the cheap humour (see para 225 – for what I imagine is an example of judicial humour) and the impact on the law of privacy (one for

?) most interesting is the exposure of tabloid tactics and the heavy pressure they bring on people in trying to build a story (paras 79 onwards). 


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