Lily the pink – jack the knife

I am aware that my blog reaches a wide readership of up to two people.  Accordingly, using my influence as a voice of modernity who uses the interweb to keep in close communicative contact with the youth of Britain and  as a bespectacled besuited figure that is down with da kidz I’d like to add my support to the campaign for a knife amnesty launched by Lily Allen – the popular BBC3 chat show host – particularly when she has so eloquently pleaded the case and received so much publicity on the BBC news.  

So if either of my readers was considering going out tonight tooled up, as I believe the young folks say, listen to Lily  

“please can everyone stop stabbing each other in the UK , it’s really sad “

Already it has had an impact.  Why earlier this evening I  was about to respond to a premeditated cold call by a man claiming to be one of my neighbours who was attempting to deliver a parcel that had been handed in to his house earlier today.  But for Lily’s injunction I could have been yet another statistic as one of the “everyone” who is “stabbing each other”.  Fortunately, I remembered her words just in time, and merely whispered a quiet thanks.

If you – like me – can refrain from stabbing someone this evening and indeed every evening – you too will make Lily and a BBC news reporter less sad.

Oh, and when reporting these serious stories about real people and their real tragedies perhaps the media will look at detailed reports and talk to experts about the topic (how about the people that wrote this paper for example?) rather than parroting the ill thought out sentiments of some celebrity, whose inane ramblings (however well intentioned) apparently make something more newsworthy (hat tip to septicisle).

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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3 Responses to Lily the pink – jack the knife

  1. I was so profoundly affected by this that I forgot to put my Leatherman back on my belt this morning.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I notice that Lily also would like a knife amnesty and a big concert to raise awareness and stop the violence.
    Lily’s obviously an airhead, but she’s not that far away from Jacqui Smith on this. What sort of awareness needs to be raised? Maybe I was brung up the wrong way, but I was ‘aware’ that knives cut you when I was 3, and I pretty well understood that it could be fatal when I was about 4.
    If you really need to introduce the knife-carriers to victims of stabbings to ‘make them aware of the damage it can cause’ then we are much further down the de-evolution road than previously imagined. The reason these neds carry knives is BECAUSE they ARE aware of the damage it can cause.
    Personally, as I get older and de-evolve myself, I feel that the only ‘solution’ is to ‘raise awareness’ by using the knives to cut essential bits (fingers, toes, testicles etc)from the knife carriers themselves. Without anaesthetic, naturally.

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