The shortest lived leadership bid in history

Earlier today I noted that some bloggers and newspapers were suggesting that Harriet Harman was taking soundings that she would replace Gordon Brown as Prime Minister.

Within 2 minutes of Prime Ministers Questions I guess that such thoughts had been expunged from most minds.  

After 5 minutes I assumed that most Labour members were regretting choosing Harman above wee Al.

After 10 minutes I assumed that most Labour members were regretting choosing Harman above Hilary.

After 15 minutes I assumed that most Labour members were regretting the difficulties of Peter Hain, and wishing he’d been elected instead.

After 20 minutes I was pining for a certain insusbtantial careerist – the Supervoc – the final deputy leadership contender, whose relentless chirpiness might have offered a genuine joke, or a quick reference to her time in the movies. 

After 25 minutes I made a half-hearted suicide attempt – trying to slit my wrists with a tomato.

By the time the full half hour was up I was wishing for the return of John Prescott.

Memo to Labour party: when considering potential First Lords of the Treasury please choose someone vaguely competent, with a sense of humour that doesn’t require scripting, an easy charm, a natural smile, some intellect, an apparent humanity, and the ability to speak coherently in sentences.  I realise that after Tone left Parliament that doesn’t leave many but good god, if they carry on like this Margaret Curran will be leading at Westminster because she ticks most boxes – which at least finally gives an answer to the reason why she decided to contend the Glasgow East by-election.

ETA For the attention of my anonymous commenters on this post.  I generally apply a liberal approach to anonymous comments on my posts – however, mindful of the laws of defamation can I ask the two commenters who added comments here on the Glasgow East by-election to refrain from repeating your stories on my posts.  I note that stories similar to those you refer to were removed from at least one other blog overnight and I would imagine this was as a result of threatened legal action given the nature of the story.  I have deleted both comments, but just wanted to explain why if you’re looking for them.

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