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Ye shall know them by the company they keep

Cathy Jamieson launched her leadership campaign yesterday and was accompanied by her campaign manager Hugh Henry (pictured below). Glad to see that this is a campaign of all the talents.

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Harriet Harman – an apology

The other week I suggested that due to her ineptitude at Prime Minister’s Question Time Harriet Harman may have had the shortest lived leadership bid in history. I now realise that I was wrong. I now realise that after the … Continue reading

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The Scottish Labour leadership contest

The contenders Gray Jamieson – soliciting advice on how to get donations for her campaign Kerr (and yes, that’s Andy Kerr – see here if you don’t believe me (*)) Gray is the Favourite of Gordon Brown apparently, so is … Continue reading

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Protected: 1984 – Cushing – Kneale – cartier

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Opinion polled

I have waited for years to be asked my opinion by an opinion pollster ormarket researcher.  I have strolled past people on the street with clipboards, smiling, walking back again, still smiling with a Woolies bag, walked back again, with … Continue reading

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Legal news: Mad Max/Mike/Tim Barnes v News of the Screws

Like many of you I suspect I am often confused by the abbreviations sometimes used in e-mails found in my spam folders.  Thankfully help is at hand.  Eady, J in his judgment in Mosley v News Group handily summarises some of … Continue reading

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Dragan’s den

Serbs often ask me how they can tell if their Serbian human quantum energy manipulator is in fact a genuine human quantum energy expert  and not in fact an alleged war criminal charged with committing genocide. Here is a handy guide. 1.  Does … Continue reading

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Donald Trump and US planning regulations

Just in case anyone thought that his treatment of planning principles was unique to Menie estates a brief excerpt from Colbert on Donald Trump and the best golf course in the whole of [insert appropriate location for marketing purposes]  

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Charles Wheeler

I was saddened earlier in the month to learn of the death of Charles Wheeler.  Last night there were various programmes broadcast in tribute, including a couple of powerful documentaries on BBC4.  These follow the Newsnight tribute to him.  Wheeler … Continue reading

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The Lambeth Walk

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Glasgow East by-election

I’ve tried to avoid posting on the Glasgow East by-election having found many of the yah-boo entries in the Scottish blogosphere a little depressing, despite the best endeavours of Jeff to persuade me otherwise. However, I couldn’t let one post … Continue reading

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Donnie Murdo

You lot down south don’t know when you’ve got it lucky. Here’s Scottish children’s television programming.  

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James Purnell’s modest proposal

Talks are taking place with former Scrapheap challenge winners to come up with a new human powered car to solve the national fuel crisis.  James Purnell has announced today that those on job seekers allowance and incapacity benefit will be … Continue reading

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WARNING: POST CONTAINS DETAILED BANKRUPTCY STATISTICS.  MOVE ALONG NOW THERE’S NOTHING TO SEE A year and a half ago I commented that the Scottish government was pushing through reform of bankruptcy with a sleight of hand.  At the time the … Continue reading

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The Presidential election


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Douglas Adams was right again – an occasional series

Remember Lintilla, and the manner in which an injury improved her performance and awareness in the second radio series of the Hitchhiker’s Guide? Compare and contrast with leading golfers in major championships: knee problems; wrist injuries.   For Monty (with his … Continue reading

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Chapter 11 again – Heffer, Nelson, the Adam Smith Institute and the failure to question Cameron

I make no apology for returning to the issue of David Cameron’s speech to the CBI on the introduction of a Chapter 11 type procedure into the UK insolvency system.  As I have explained in previous posts Cameron’s message on … Continue reading

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John Hutton on Cameron and Chapter 11

A press release was published by the Labour party yesterday criticising David Cameron’s proposals on Chapter 11 “John Hutton MP, Labour’s Business Secretary , responding to David Cameron’s proposals at the CBI on adopting the American Chapter 11 system, said: “David … Continue reading

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David Cameron, Chapter 11, administration, and the curious incident of the media in the night

Yesterday I pointed out that David Cameron’s speech advocating the introduction of a Chapter 11 type procedure into UK law was somewhat peculiar given that the Thatcher government had introduced the system of administration which imposed a moratorium on debt … Continue reading

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How politics works – something must be done, even if it was done 5 years ago

A long time ago in a political climate far far away Sir Kenneth Cork chaired a committee on INsolvency Law and Practice.  Sir Kenneth was conscious that the then applicable system of business insolvency was not working effectively.  Among other … Continue reading

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