Total Poltics – the Scottish blog directory

The new Total Politics website – published by Iain Dale – has launched,.  It looks like it contains some pretty good stuff, not least a political speeches database.  I’m aware it’s early days – but was a little disappointed by some aspects of the political blog directory, a great idea but hampered – at the moment – by the lack of a search engine for that material (although the directory is fairly well categorised).  I was also a little disappointed by the Scottish political blog directory.  I’m not sure where this has been sourced from, but while it contains some of my regular reads (the Scottish ROund Up, Mr Eugenides, Brian Taylor, the curiously misspelled (on Total Politics) Freedom and Whisky, ASWAS, and others) it is missing a number of the excellent Scottish political blogs, not least the consistently good J ARthur MacNumpty, Doctor Vee, the Justified Spinner, Kezia Dugdale, and the unfortunately maligned Tom Harris MP.  

ETA I forgot one other excellent Scottish political blog and remedy the omission – SNP Tactical voting.


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7 Responses to Total Poltics – the Scottish blog directory

  1. burkesworks says:

    Hmmm. According to Shane Greer’s blurb, Total Politics are “delighted to have both Hazel Blears MP and Eric Pickles MP blogging for us […] With a panel of Bloggers like that, you’ll be sure of an interesting read.”
    “Interesting” is not an adjective that applies to the hateful Supervoc (not a natural ally of Dale’s I’d have thought), let alone the bastard son of Oliver Hardy. Still if nothing else there’ll be a new place to redirect all those “insubstantial careerist” Googlebombs.

  2. Anonymous says:

    From: Iain Dale
    Just to let you know, the Blog Directory is very much work in progress. There will be a full search facility. We are aware that since the data was added there are some dead links and new blogs to be added, as wel as others which need to be recategorised.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for that L&G. To be left out of the Scottish political blog directory would be disappointing. But to be missed out of the list of those who were missed out would be much worse!
    Also, I will right my own wrong and belatedly add your fine blog to my links…

    • When I read the post back last night I felt a right charlie for missing you out in the first place – given that your regular updates on my RSS feed are one of the first Scottish blogs I turn to. Many apologies for the original omission.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Following the recent debate that Scottish Tory Boy started on ‘lack’ of Scottish Lib Dem blogs it’s a shame that Mr Dale has only listed one Anything Caron Can Do, ignoring Sounds of Gunfire, Caron’s Musings, Fraser MacPherson and Stephen’s Linlithgow Journal.
    Stephen Glenn

  5. timothy123 says:

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