No Labour. New danger?

So, Labour is not putting up anyone against David Davis.  The danger now is that this becomes a damp squib.  For those of us that agree with David’s general agenda the worst possible result is a low turnout, low vote with the governmen claiming support from a general tide of apathy.

Rachel and Sunny summarised the reaons why it is important to back Davis – even where we disagree with some of his policies – because sadly, it looks like this is going to be the best chance we’ve got to get these issues properly debated in the general news media.

As Rachel said, “This is not going to the Tory side, this is getting a big Tory on our side. “

She finished her post

“It is up to us to step into this space and open this thing out, to make this space fill with those who support liberty, and get as many people in the space, standing shoulder to shoulder, on this single issue: to demand a limit to the abuse of State power. To question how that power is used and what is being done to us, and for us, and by us, against us, in our name, by those we elect to serve us.

“Stop being cynical. Stop looking for the catch. Do you want this debate or not? Get involved.
Or sit back, and watch it die again. I can’t do that.

“I’m in. I’m not in the Tory party. I’m in the crowd, saying, don’t give me fear. Give me freedom.”

hear hear to that.  

The by election will be on 10th July.  We need to try to do all we can to consistently keep these issues before the media until then.

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1 Response to No Labour. New danger?

  1. pickwick says:

    YES. Great quote. I’ve been starting to feel that we’ve allowed the issue to be forgotten, because we’re so busy talking about why Davis did it and ooh, Kelvin McKenzie and ah, Labour aren’t standing, what does that mean for Brown, etc.

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