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Asbestos and Scottish government legislation

 My post yesterday on the above has elicited a powerful response from Mr Bill Scott, whose father died from an asbestos related disease.  I have replied to Mr Scott’s comment acknowledging an error in the original post (pointed out by Mr … Continue reading

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The art of the meaningless political gesture – a Scottish example

Politicians like to be seen to be doing things. When there is a popular outcry that something must be done then whatever the rights and wrongs the politicians will act.  It all reminds me of Jim Hacker as Prime Minister … Continue reading

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National Rail Enquires – How to travel from Annan to Glasgow Central

On Friday I am travelling from Annan in South West Scotland to GLasgow before getting the train on to Falkirk.  Annan to Glasgow is served by the Nith Valley rail line – an erratically appearing train service.  Accordingly, as I … Continue reading

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BBC pronunciation

Someone tell Fiona Bruce (BBC News at 10.19 pm this evening) Kirkcudbright is not pronounced as it is written.  Even Ian Carmichael as Lord Peter Wimsey manages it in Five Red Herrings.

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Spot the Kenny Wheeler

IN one of the following TV theme tunes top British jazz star Kenny Wheeler has a pivotal role.  So which is it?  

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Total Poltics – the Scottish blog directory

The new Total Politics website – published by Iain Dale – has launched,.  It looks like it contains some pretty good stuff, not least a political speeches database.  I’m aware it’s early days – but was a little disappointed by … Continue reading

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Journalistic re-enactments – an occasional series Number 1

In this journalistic re-enactment a journalist recreates a convicted murderer attempting to escape from the court following his conviction and tries to scare us by suggesting that the policeman outside the court might not have caught the racist killer before … Continue reading

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Freedom of expression redux

 You’ll remember the man who (temporarily) silenced Tim Ireland (for the full story see Tim’s posts here which prompted a general campaign of support). His campaign involved the use of UK verbal injury laws to attack various newspapers, and bloggers – and … Continue reading

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Infuriating talking heads

Will someone please tell the guy from the Criminal Bar Association and the Bar Council on Five Live talking about the decision in R v Davis (that you have not received a fair trial if convicted on the evidence of … Continue reading

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No Labour. New danger?

So, Labour is not putting up anyone against David Davis.  The danger now is that this becomes a damp squib.  For those of us that agree with David’s general agenda the worst possible result is a low turnout, low vote … Continue reading

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The war on abstract nouns – number 94

When releasing someone on bail and under effective house arrest through electronic tagging ensure that you stipulate that he is banned from meeting prominent terrorists in London such as Osama bin Laden.  AFter all, when bin Laden gets his visa … Continue reading

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At the Book Festival

 Saturday 24th August 2008 – 6.30 pm Matters of the Mind Some of the most enthralling sessions at the Book Festival are those of Dr Raj Persaud – eminent psychiatrist, prolific broadcaster and bestselling author. This evening he talks about … Continue reading

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David Davis

Meant to mention this last night but when Davis resigned last week I suggested that one of his motives appeared to be to “stiffen … the Conservative line on the issue of civil liberties” it’s nice to see the commentariat now … Continue reading

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Name the subject of the sculpture

1. 2. 3. and 4. the shadowy

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Doctor Who – the hidden arc

Viewers of the RTD produced Doctor Who are aware that each series he has some common theme for loyal viewers: we’ve had Bad Wolf; we’ve had Torchwood; we’ve had Saxon.  This year regular viewers have been at a loss.  Fortunately … Continue reading

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More on the Akehurst thing

I’m not linking again to the odious individual (but for my views on his “idea” see here) – but note that his idea is being taken sufficiently seriously that national folk hero John “this is Glesga, we’ll set aboot ye” Smeaton is … Continue reading

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Luke Akehurst’s idea on how to respond to David Davis – moral bankruptcy

“Luke who?” The cry went up around the country on local election night as a bespectacled red head blinked in the glimmer of the BBC TV lights – sitting in front of a screen, blogging for the delectation of a … Continue reading

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Book festival

For those that are interested the Edinburgh Book festival programme is now available from the Book Festival website .  The site has a number of audios on the site featuring interviews and readings from previous years – well worth a few … Continue reading

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David Davis

I should make one thing clear.  I am instinctively anti-Conservative.  It comes with being brought up in Scotland (albeit my home town was in a seat represented by one of the old school Tories).  I’ve voted for every major party … Continue reading

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What price our civil liberties?

The vote is tonight. The former Attorney general is against it.  The former Lord Chancellor is against it.  many senior police officers are against it.  The DPP doesn’t want it. The Lord Advocate is against it.   BUt despite no evidence indicating … Continue reading

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