The end of the line

 Curse the new Consumer Protection Regulations.  My planned new business venture to face the oncoming recession


has fallen foul to the new regs. 
I’d practised all the chat:

“Is someone with a vowel in their name important to you?”
“Do you remember an old person with glasses?  Well, they’re here now and want to tell you it’s all right.  They forgive you.”
“Does the letter J mean anything to you?  T?  S?  Well, maybe R?”
“He’s here, and he knows about the pictures, and he says it’s okay.”

And of course, the most important

“That’ll be [insert appropriate sum] pounds please.”

Apparently, I will need to give caveats if promoting my new business indicating that cold reading individuals, making wild guesses so general in nature they could apply to anyone,  and maniuplating the bereaved and vulnerable for profit is “for entertainment purposes only”. 

About loveandgarbage

I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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1 Response to The end of the line

  1. Always strike a happy medium.
    I suggest that
    a) all TV news bulletins
    b) pronouncements from politicians
    also have to have ‘for entertainment purposes only’ on the screen at all times.

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