Odd one out

Which is the odd one out?

Soapstar Superstar
Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway
Ant and Dec’s Gameshow Marathon
The British Comedy Awards
A Year with the Queen


Well, in Soapstar superstar phone in votes on premium rate lines were ignored in favour of decisions from the production team made effectively in advance of the calls; in Takeaway calls on premium rates were ignored if the caller lived outwith a certain radius from the production team; in the Gameshow Marathon a short list of potential winners was drawn up from a locale based on how “lively” a caller sounded rendering many calls (on premium rate lines) ineffective; in the British Comedy Awards viewers were invited to call in (on premium rate lines) to determine the winner of an audience vote during a segment recorded prior to broadcast where the award had been given before broadcast (oh, and 

Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway was wrongly announced as the winner of the People’s Choice Award. The correct winner was The Catherine Tate Show which, at the time of announcement of the winner, had attracted the most votes. 
“In addition to the People’s Choice Award there were a series of awards determined by a jury. Robbie Williams was invited to present an award. It was understood that he would be happy to present an award if the recipients were Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly. In order to ensure his attendance, this assurance was given albeit at a time when the winners of all the jury awards had been decided and Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly had not been selected. As such it was an assurance that could not legitimately have been guaranteed as the only award still to be decided was the People’s Choice Award, the winner of which was then unknown and dependant upon the public vote. ” ).  IN each case where money was obtained from gullible members of the public by nefarious means, some might say by deception, no-one resigned.  

However, in “A Year with the Queen” a trailer edited by an independent production company appeared to show the Queen storming out of a photoshoot, when she was actually being grumpy on the way in.  No-one died, and no-one was defrauded.  BUt the controller of BBC1 resigned, and hence ” A YEar with the Queen” is the odd one out.

For more see the ever excellent septicisle.

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