1000th post

Today marks two years since I started posting hre, after an earlier blogging attempt.  Thanks once again to surliminal for introducing me to Livejournal, and thanks particularly to those on my F-list who have entertained me wonderfully over the past two years.  

As well as marking 2 years of love and garbage, this is also my 1000th post on livejournal.  If you are a regular reader you will probably be aware of my regular content – but to confirm matters here’s some tag statistics with my top 20 topics:

1.  television – 165 posts
2. politics – 132 posts
3. scottish politics – 103 posts
4. news – 92 posts
5. tommy sheridan – 86 posts (should hit 100 later in the year)
6. law – 42 posts
7. fake game show – 41 posts
8= doctor who – 36 posts
8= books – 36 posts
10. polls – 35 posts
11. game show – 26 posts
12. sleaze – 25 posts
13. sport – 20 posts
14. jeffrey archer – 18 posts
15. meme – 16 posts
16= darts – 15 posts
16= scottish socialist party – 15 posts
18= stewart stevenson – 13 posts
18= obituary – 13 posts
20. the nature of comedy – 10 posts

Bubbling under Gordon Brown, Hazel Blears, Defamation, The Verdict.

Tags used only once include

obnoxious patronising git, swordplay, ignorance is strength, yes, it’s that bloody dance again, drunk on television, does nobody care any more?, cobblers, people are stupid, now wash your hands, really really bad television shows, mindless quiz answers, and val doonican .

I think that collection of tags pretty much sums up what all of this is about.

About loveandgarbage

I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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4 Responses to 1000th post

  1. > 2. politics – 132 posts
    > 3. scottish politics – 103 posts
    Which reminds me of Waterstones in Leeds – it has two adjacent sections, “FOOTBALL” and “LEEDS UNITED”. 😛

  2. happy 2 year anniversary bloagging.
    the once-used tags on your blog which *never* fail to catch my eye, whenever i log in, and whenever i scroll down slightly are:
    “[un]justified violence against bigoted c” and “a lewd ambiguity for any occasion”
    which, for better or worse, are two tags which always get me thinking,
    mit bestem grus

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