It’s English and Welsh local election night

SO, Labour are third in the national vote, performing more badly than their previous worst in the equivalent elections 4 years ago.  Now remind me, who’s in charge of Labour election strategy again?  (or is it someone else fo local elections?).

Anyway, wee Dougie will be hard pressed to blame this one on Jack McConnell.  Perhaps they’ll realise now that the problem is general Labour policy and personalities.

IN September 2006, during the putsch that wasn’t, I posted various comments about Gordon Brown, master strategist

“Gordon could not deliver his home constituency with a personally approved candidate in last year’s by election.  The opinion polls in Scotland indicate that Gordon’s power base in the Scottish heartland is not as it might be – with one opinion poll last month (a rogue but indicative of a trend in favour of the SNP) showing the SNP 8% ahead of Labour.  If he can’t deliver his home seat, if he can’t deliver 40% of the vote in Scotland (and no matter how he and the sources close to Gordon Brown – including Douglas “Miss Hoolie” Alexander – try to blame Jack McConnell or Blair for the dismal showing in Scotland, the Scottish Labour party has Brown and his influence through it at every level) Brown will never deliver middle England no matter how many times he witters on about his pride in Britishness and how Gazza scored his favourite goal ever.  He’s fooling no-one.  His antics, and those of his acolytes, in the past week play badly.  If Labour want to win the next election they should choose someone else. “

And last March wrote

“perhaps the Brownites fail to realise that Gordon has been the co-architect of “the project”, solely responsible for the economic policy of the past few years (PFI and all), is an American sympathiser, and pledges to be strong on the terror debate among other things (and the difference with Mr Tony is?)”

in reply to a comment in The Guardian which said

” Mr Brown’s supporters argue that he cannot be judged until he becomes leader, not least since he is constrained from setting out his agenda fully.”

Well, now Brown is being judged, after he has set out his agenda fully.  

My inclination is strongly anti-Conservative – my concern was that Brown could not ensure the Conservatives did not attain an absolute majority.  Now, I’m really worred.

And Labour supporting friends are starting to say that they view opposition as an opportunity to regroup – well, when you start thinking like that you’ll be out of power for a decade.

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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2 Responses to It’s English and Welsh local election night

  1. hoiho says:

    Dear Mr Garbage:
    I must object, in the strongest possible terms, to your unwarranted slur in associating the sainted, and, (I’m reliably informed) frangrant, Miss Hoolie with yon wee nyaff Douglas Alexander. The delightful Miss Hoolie does nothing but good in her polychrome community, whereas Mr Alexander has never been known to do anything at all. Indeed, a more ill-concieved pairing I cannot imagine, other than Wendy Alexander and power.
    Yours, etc,
    Mr P Gowk, Freuchie

  2. Anonymous says:

    Broon’s making it up as he goes along (scrap the 10% rate………….no……..hang on – pull out of Iraq…….maybe but not yet..)
    The only reason he’ll survive as leader of the Labour party is that there just isn’t anyone else. Unfortunately that isn’t the case in his other job!

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