The Apprentice poll

During the Apprentice last night the teams were charged with the task of coming up with greetings cards.  The suggestions were:

(A)  Save the planet week – send a card to raise awareness of environmental matters by demanding energy or water saving (suggested by Jenny (the scary one that isn’t Irish and likes bullying other women) and then told Clintons she didn’t buy cards in order that she could do her bit to save the environment)

(B) Single’s Day, sorry Singles Day, no Singles’ Day, hang on where does that apostrophe go, if anywhere – I know I’ll phone the editor of the Daily Telegraph, he’ll tell me – (February 13th – proposed by Raef, the smooth character from Brideshead or Wodehouse, regularly pictured with a cocktail in hand or wearing a dressing gown)

(C) Eid cards – proposed by Sara, the victim of the bullying from Jenny, and a virulent attack on her return to the Big Brother, sorry Apprentice, house by Lee McQUeen (who I like to think of as being one stage removed from Les from Creme Brulee in the LEague of Gentlement)

(D) We have been visited by Aliens cards – proposed by Les, sorry Lee, and featured on the Apprentice – you’re fired

(E) Bereavement cards – pitched by Big Al himself in the board room, featuring such delights as “Sorry to hear your husband has been clubbed to death” and “Sorry to learn your twelve year old has been shot outside school”

The teams went with plans (A) and (B).  

Which is the worst idea, and which is the best?

ETA I forgot Helene in the poll – apologies.  If you think she should win add a comment!

ETA for other views see here and the wonderful Anna Pickard liveblog here

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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5 Responses to The Apprentice poll

  1. burkesworks says:

    Eid cards are indeed a good idea; so much so that they’ve been popular for years among the local Muslim communities.

  2. perlmonger says:

    Oh, perhaps someone should have applied trans-temporal feedback to the show and suggested they all read Achewood starting a week ago – some useful ideas in there 😉

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