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Dennis Potter and Mary Whitehouse

 Earlier tonight the Beeb broadcast Filth, a drama about the early Clean up TV campaign ran by Mary Whitehouse. I was aware that she often targetted Dennis Potter’s works (eg 1976 she was threatening to prosecute him for blasphemy and … Continue reading

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 via nhw  and surliminal  a meme Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real places, names &/or objects, but nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the … Continue reading

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Name that castle

Each is from a different location1.    2.  3.  ETA 1. is Carlisle2. is Stirling, both guessed by burkesworks  3. is Linlithgow Palace guessed by Robert at the Ben Lomond Free Press

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Guess where

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The end of the line

 Curse the new Consumer Protection Regulations.  My planned new business venture to face the oncoming recession LOVE AND GARBAGE FROM LOVEANDGARBAGE, THE HAPPY MEDIUM has fallen foul to the new regs.  I’d practised all the chat: “Is someone with a … Continue reading

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I’ve redecorated

you won’t like it. But it should make navigation round the tags a little easier

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Scottish satirical blog

I have this weekend come across the spoof blog of Alasdair Allan MSP – the SNP member for the Western Isles.  Although some of the issues raised in this blog seem wholly local, there are a number of witty (often … Continue reading

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“I’m a Scottish minister. I don’t do things that are legal” – Common Fisheries Policy

Blinky Dick on Newsnight Scotland. Interview from about 9 mins 20 seconds in and his comment “I’m a Scottish minister, I don’t do things that are legal” is at 11 mins 10 seconds (roughly) in answer to a question asked from … Continue reading

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Scottish Cup final – football, eh? Bloody hell

The first professional game I went to see was Queens against Hamilton Accies at Palmerston twenty five or so years ago.  This afternoon no doubt most will expect Glasgow Rangers to easily beat Queen of the South in the Scottish Cup … Continue reading

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Hooray – “scientology is a dangerous cult” update

Following the unanimous view of all that contributed to the poll the other day that  scientology is a cult.  scientology is a dangerous cult and that prosecution for saying as much is unjustified good news as the prosecution has been … Continue reading

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Did I mention it was anti-bacterial?

The winning advert from Wednesday’s The Apprentice And via the wonderful mippy  Andrew Collins’ excellent (and hilarious) review of the episode  

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For your consideration – DVD recommendation of the week

Paging ravensthorpe   burkesworks    and  blue_condition  Every now and again a DVD comes along that makes you glad to be alive – that renders criticism superfluous.  Something unique and precious.     Yes, folks – Indoor League Volume One … Continue reading

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Well that explains a lot – “I’m a Scottish minister I don’t do things that are legal”

Previously in this blog I made reference to Blinky Dick – the startled rabbit in the headlights that is Richard Lochhead, Scottish government environment minister.  Promoted for reasons not obvious to any neutral observer (with Mike Russell in a junior … Continue reading

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Pig to man, and man to pig

You know the bit at the end of Animal Farm?  You look from pig to man and man to pig and can’t tell the difference. Well, let me tell you a story. You may recall that I was a little … Continue reading

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The scientology poll

GIven that moves have been initiated to prosecute a teenager under the Public Order Act for describing scientology as a dangerous cult what’s your view?

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Damon Querry on the changeover

Readers of the excellent Behind the Sofa blog will be aware of the comic mastery of Damon Querry, whose inspired forays into hinterlands of popular culture while critiquing each new episode, and old episodes, is a joy to behold.  This … Continue reading

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Pedantry: Look, it’s Steven Moffat – that’s his name, S T E V E N M O F F A T

It has come to my attention from various posts on t’internet that Russell “Television” Davies is stepping down as head honcho of Doctor Who.  Indeed I have posted on this topic earlier this evening.  However, I am not sure who … Continue reading

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More on MOffat

May I be the first to complain about Moffat’s new heterosexual agenda? 😉

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Moffat to take over Doctor Who

Apparently  via behind the sofa So when can we expect Gina Bellman and Julia Sawalha?

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When did you last google your father?

Via Mr Eugenides and Cicero and Tim WorstallThe Times reports today that HM government has had an idea – you know the government that wants to introduce  ID Cards with database, to introduce a national children’s database, a national NHS database, and … Continue reading

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