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Dizzy Thinks on The Big Issue

According to the header of one well known blog  “Dizzy thinks.  And then blogs.  A lot of us do it the other way around.”  from Croydonian – and Iain Dale writes “Thoughtful rather than ranting”. I’m not sure how these testaments … Continue reading

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Have you ever had one of those nightmares?

You wake in a cold sweat from uneasy dreams your mind trying to form something from the collage of images flitting through.  Then sounds.  The sounds. And your eyes open wide – and you sit up: Victoria Derbyshire; and Stephen Nolan … Continue reading

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Doctor Who episode 12, series 4

We know that the title is being kept under wraps because it will give too much away (According to last week’s Radio Times).   Well, I can exclusively reveal that the episode title enhances the meme for the series and revisits … Continue reading

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When is hack-proof not hack-proof? When it’s an ID database

It’s been a while since we had anything on ID cards but for enthusiasts such as the estimable burkesworks  and  perlmonger  a little story via the always readable Jennie Law blog (the travails of a law librarian).  She links to … Continue reading

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John Barrowman – an appeal

Fears are growing for popular actor, and television star, John Barrowman who has not been seen on a television screen in the UK for the past three hours.  It is feared that if Barrowman is not seen on a screen … Continue reading

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Pointless surveys

Apparently BAgpuss is the nation’s favourite children’s TV animal – according to a survey of 1,100 people.  Trailing behind came Tom and Jerry, Winnie the Pooh, the Magic Roundabout team, DangerMouse, Shaun the Sheep, Paddington Bear, Top Cat, Scooby-Doo and … Continue reading

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Blogging kills

The Guardian in the G2 section today published a little story suggesting that (the stress of) blogging kills based on some recent untimely deaths.  Sadly the GUardian story is not on-line as far as I can see.  A google search … Continue reading

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Television – 2009

Britton’s got talons ITV2 Described by Sam Wollaston in The Guardian as a “Vanity vehicle (in so many ways)” Fern Britton hosted, directed, and produced the new manicure based reality show from a beauty salon in Weston-super-Mare.  Much of the budget … Continue reading

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Fake gameshows

Britain’s got talons BBC4 – 2008 Following the success of Julian Fellowes’ bad tempered hosting of Never Mind the Full Stops (a poor man’s Many A Slip); and Kirsty Wark’s bad tempered hosting of THe Book Quiz – where both manage … Continue reading

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Television 2009

The curse of comedy series 2 Noel Edmonds – behind the beard A bittersweet drama about Noel Edmonds starring Ant and Dec as Noel was post-modern BBC4 drama at its finest.  Following Bunuel’s model Ant and Dec play Noel in … Continue reading

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Reduce, reuse, recycle

Breaking news Diana inquest now to consider religion of Pope and what bears do in the woods. This joke first appeared on this LJ relative to the Stevens Inquiry, having previously been shared between myself and friends some years before that. … Continue reading

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Best of television 2009

The curse of comedy series 2 To me… To you… The Chuckle Brothers, behind the smiles, a bittersweet dark drama from the team behind Hancock and Joan, The Curse of Steptoe, and that one about Hughie Greene.  Reuniting Robson Greene … Continue reading

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Best of Television 2009

BBC4 – Curse of comedy series 2 Norman Collier – behind the mic … own … John Henshall starred as much-loved funnyman Norman Collier in a dark study of Collier’s bittersweet rise to fame.  Focused around an unsuccessful appearance on 3-2-1 … Continue reading

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